Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I Hate Myself For Loving You

I saw the Sea Lab 2021 where the half human/half shark was created. Marco fucked a shark and was killed by the sharks husband. But then Sharko was born with a complex and it shot people. It was the funniest shit I have ever seen. But I also feel dirty because Sea Lab 2021 sucks so bad otherwise.

Everything's Gonna Be All Right

Woke up this morning and realized it was all going to be ok. I'm going to the Cloud, money will somehow work itself out, and I just need to go with the fucking flow. I went to CD Warehouse and found a Postal Service single for $4. I know, Death Cab side project, fucking indie hype, the O.C., but this single kicks ass. Electro emo is the best way that I can describe it. And then, one of the B-Sides is a cover of another Postal Service/Death Cab For Cutie song by The Shins. The Shins may be the best group of the last ten years. They are so fucking amazing. I need to buy everything they have ever touched.

The new Gwen Stefani/"Johnny Vulture" song is so damn weird. I need another Outkast double album right now. Andre Benjamin is one of the most talented men ever in pop music. And Big Boi is inventive as all hell also. They are the Lennon/McCartney of R & B.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Swing It In The Kitchen When There Ain't Nobody Home

Remember when a certain couple fucked on Jeff's blanket at the cabin? Or when they got-it-on in the loft at the farm? I have never known another couple to have sexual relations in more public a place. Usually the car is it.

Girl, What Can I Do?

I forgot to mention my 30 minute rant on women at work today. I was just so mad thinking about all the shit I have heard in the last year coming from the ladies regarding men. A few classics are, "He treats me nice sometimes so it's o.k." and "He talked about how much he loved me on the first date. That's so sweet." What the hell? Sometimes I think that dudes are the only ones with common sense. In response to the first quote, sometimes isn't good enough. If I was being treated like shit even a bit, I would high tail it out of there. Second, that's just fucking creepy. The only way a guy is saying that is because if you hear the three little words, he knows he is getting in your pants. I have to agree with the comedian that said that women are men without the logic and reason. If I had any female readers, I would gladly like some feedback on this. I always thought that it was just stupid women who did these kind of things, but lately I have met some pretty smart ones who do this also. Most of this is probably based on the fact that I am extremely sexually frustrated. I am sure that if I was getting some, I would not think like this. Execpt for the no logic and reason part. That has been in my stable of thought through thick and thin.

Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorze

Well, I guess that I have to use the "City of Champlin" template because it is the only one that displays the blog decently. Pretty strange weekend. Sat and drank six beers alone at Bob's on Friday waiting for Quade to get off (got to talk to Quades hot co-worker, which is a plus). Then when he got there, I was too tipsy to really talk. Then Doghouse M. texted me "7th Grade" and I laughed for like an hour. I wonder where Saifuddin Ansari is these days? Saturday consisted of me getting sick at work, then getting a call from Milla to go to Grabski's. I dragged my sick ass out of bed, only to realize too late that drunk Doghouse M. invited me into a no fly zone. So Peter (who just happened to be there) and I went to Perkins and I had Potato Pancakes. We listened to the Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free" twice through. That album is the best story of 2004. Then, I Farmed it for five hours today and all I got out of it was Taylor saying, "Thanks for tucking in your shirts, assholes" for no apparent reason. After that, it was coffee with Jody at Caribou in Maple Grove. We talked about old times, and stuff like that.

Friday, November 26, 2004

R To the A to The K-I-M, If I Wasn't, Then Why Would I Say I Am?

I just realized (by watching VH1s "Awesomely Bad Metal Songs") that Limp Bizkit sampled Eric B and Rakim's "My Melody" in "My Way." NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least some guy said that Durst always sounds like he is a 10 year old whining for ice cream. And you know that they really really want to take the "Awesomely" title down but they are afraid to get sued. Oh, and now some dude called White Lion a "motherfucking pussy."

If you wanna have a good laugh looking at Mr. Sensitive (THE GUY WHO WROTE "EAT YOU ALIVE" AND "BREAK STUFF") go to Fred Dursts blog at :


Happy Valentines Day, February the 14th

So, Thanksgiving sucked. My asshole drunk uncle Danny got all huffy because my mom didn't vote for Tex, and my mom's friend Donna tried to hug my brothers and me. The highlight was the best game of football ever played between my brothers Jordan, Zach, my cousin Josh, and myself. It was great. Trick plays, after dark miracle touchdown passes, interceptions, game saving tackles. Zach and I prevailed 13-11. The food was pretty good, except for this stuff my grandma Marge makes called Tomato "Speck". It is a Jell-O mold full of lemon Jell-O and tomato soup concentrate. Then they put green olives in and top it with Miracle Whip. I'm not sure anyone actually eats it, but I once took a bite and threw up in my mouth. It is the foodstuff incarnate of what hell would taste like. At one point the political discussion between my uncle (who kisses up to my grandpa by litterally saying, "Dad, dad guess who your daughter voted for? knowing my mom voted Dem in a Conservative family) and my grandpa grew so heated that I turned to my aunt Sandy and said, "I don't discuss politics with these fuckers. They don't listen." And she agreed. Zach also threatened to break out his "Clinton '92" button and wear it (yes, we have one). It was one hell of a weird Thanksgiving. At least it wasn't two years ago, where my uncle Joe beat up my aunt Jenny (his sister) between dinner and the pie. That was a fucked up ordeal.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Only In Dreams

I found my old dream journal that I wrote in up to a year ago. Here is a few of the strangest entries:

Brandon Quade's dad got mad at me because I didn't know who sang lead vocals, Brooks or Dunn. Someone remade "Swingin'"(By Jon Anderson)

There were people living in the hole in the AV room. One came to me and said, "Probably no alcohol left?" Then Taylor told us that homeless people live in the hole. They had a beanbag chair. Then Ashley Clark came out of the hole and yelled at me. I was then watching Sports Center and I heard that the NBA had foreclosed the Mavericks secretly a year ago. Then they showed a montage of Grant Hill sucking. Then there were newspapers with headlines about Florida State and Arizona, and one that said "IRELAND!"

I played basketball at CPHS with Jeff, Brian Oddy, Julius Stokes and Devar Moore. We kept calling the team we beat the Nets

I went to the mascot races and cheered for the Syracuse Orangemen mascot.

A review in a magazine said that Conner Obherst's (Bright Eyes) first albums were much better than his new one.

I was on SNL and all we had were scripts written by kids from North Hennepin. We did the skits in restaurant booths and made fun of Lorne Michaels. I talked ghetto and had a diamond ring in my only skit. It was at IHOP, and Shawn Michaels flexed in the booth behind me.

I found a Sports Illustrated at the farm with Sinead O'Connor on the cover and the headline, "SLUT!".

I was in a choir at North Hennepin with Caleb Hicks and Angie Lewis. We sang a Beach Boys song and did jazzy hands.

I went to some 50s party where the MC said to break out your blades and then everyone started doing coke except me and Darrin Dalida. Some lady caught Quade doing it but I covered for him. Then we listened to "What's Going On 2000" by Marvin Gaye. Jeff, Quade and I then beat the shit out of the Cleveland Cavs. Then Jeff and Quade morphed into Richie and the Fonz.

Weird shit, huh?

What Is A Manage Et Trois? Or What Is Sex When There Is Three People?

Hehe. Anyways, not all that much new in my life. Working a shitload and pumped about my day off tomorrow. I got to thinking about how my own musical journey has been influenced by people and stuff after reading Christian's blog. Here is my own timeline.

1990-1995: Basic Top 40 stuff, lots of KQ92 when they played new and old music, and the classics that my dad listened to. Got heavy into Nirvana, some Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Green Day, Aerosmith. Also basic rap through my friend Jeremy, although I still do not know what Spice 1 sounds like.

1995-1998: MTV and The EDGE. Thank God for these two things. Got into Oasis, Cake, Foo Fighters, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, basic Modern Rock of the time.

1998-2001: Mostly through friends. Heard They Might Be Giants through Kyle, rekindled my love for Weezer. Albums that I have never heard of through Peter Harold and Christian (Paul Barman, Rare Prince, Velvet Underground, Del, etc). Nick Miller introduced me to ATLiens and underground rap (Dead Prez...um no). Russ Olson of all people played "Stankonia" and it changed my perception of rap. Lots of pop punk through Louwerse and reading Billboard.

2001-Current: The internet allowed me to hear shit I read about in Spin and Billboard when I was a kid. The first MP3 I downloaded was in 1998 (Pearl Jam "Wishlist and some Archers of Loaf song). When I got Napster, I heard Kool Keith, old rap like Eric B and Rakim and lots of stuff by Pavement and indie rock groups. I also was introduced to more rap and R&B through Jeff and Christian, and actually grew to like the Velvet Underground through Peter. Its been a fantastic voyage.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Like You Was Poindexter

Had the new greatest night of dorkdom ever tonight. I went to watch the Wolves game with Jeff and Nate at Bob's. Then we went to Cheapo where I proceeded to by "The Essential Cheap Trick" because I love "Everything Works If You Let It" and "Dream Police". It was also only seven bucks. Then Jeff played "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates five times on the ride home. I am convinced that it is the greatest song ever. Halo 2 and Fusion Frenzy were then played until we got the bright idea to watch "Sixteen Candles" on the WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! (or WE) channel. I can't wait for their history of the tampon special Tuesday. I have decided two things after this special night of dorkdom. One, Star Jones (and her new marriage) are the reason that I am not ever going to get married. And two, there will never be as good a teen flick made as "Sixteen Candles."

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Fight For Your Rights, Fight For Your Life

This article sums up what I was thinking about the fight exactly:


Street Fighting Man

Heavyintojeff is up, and I now feel that I have to up my game. Scoops is showing nasty titties, and Quade brings back the Siggies. What the hell does a little 'ol blog have to offer? My sparkling wit and charm, yeah that's the ticket.

Anyways, I saw the Pistons-Pacers fight last night and was thoroughly disgusted. In a nutshell, the fight showed why I cannot give my heart to the NBA. Artest fouls Wallace hard WITH A TEN POINT LEAD. Fucking worthless bi-polar thug. Then, the players need to go into the crowd and fight the fans. It's not like fans haven't thrown beer before. Granted, what the fans did was wrong. It is just really sad that the players felt the need to go into the crowd and throw haymakers and whatnot. It was sickening to watch and it just confirms that the NBA is not the sport that I grew up loving in the late 80s-early 90s. That NBA was graceful and high scoring and was dominated by clever and great stars like Magic, Bird, and Barkley. Jordan would have never went into the crowd to fight jerkoff fans. And the NBA thinks that Jermaine O'Neal is worth basing a marketing campaign around? Why don't they start issuing Kermit Washington throwbacks.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Drop It Like It's Haaaaaaaaat

Well, I have decided to drop Biology. Piece of shit class. I will miss some aspects though. My lab class was really fucking amusing. I will miss the man who looked and acted like Chi-King Jr. who would stare at me and laugh for no reason. He also didn't know where Williams Arena was, and he lives on campus. I will miss his lab partner, who was disgusted by him and was also the only non anti-social girl in that class. I will miss the argument the Arabian kid and Chi-King got into over Jacob Wetterling that ended in racial threats. I will miss my lab partner, who said about three words all semester and treated me like I was mentally retarded because I didn't exactly get meiosis. I will miss the Amazonian girl that was my lab partner for a week and her hot fake tan and the fact that she felt compelled to yell "Thirsty Thursday!!" in class. I will also miss the frat boy who asked "Does anyone need lube on their fingers" five times because we had tack on our hands for a lab. Mostly I will miss the fact that I had to plant shit when I am a Journalism major. And the fact that now I am out $1200 for nothing.

You're Out Of Touch, I'm Out Of Time

I have been watching this "Retrosexual" thing on VH1 and it is pretty damn good. All the dudes look like gay porn stars though. And I still stand by my idea that I would have been celebate because no one trimmed their naughty bits back then. Also, Surgeon General C. Everet Koop was a pimp. Someone under Reagan who wanted to give out rubbers? And who dressed like an actual general? Fantastic. And what happened to that Joycelyn Elders chick who suggested that kids get taught jerking off in 5th grade? I hope that she is doing well.

These Dreams Go On When I Close My Eyes

Lifes been pretty good lately. I have been getting enough sleep, so no depression or anything like that. Some of you might know, but the less sleep that I get the more down I get. So lately, yeah, no depression. The only bad thing is not going to enough class, because I have been a little ill lately. I hope its not mono again. Good lord, not mono. Otherwise, lots of work and playing tennis outside because it is still pretty damn nice out. I ate two different pizza buffets (Broadway and Godfathers) in the last few days, and enjoyed it a lot.

I have been having a lot of really strange thoughts lately. One was started by that Michael Nottington guy who posted the day after the election. He said that I should get involved in politics because of my views. I may take his suggestion. I have often wondered about what it would be like to run for some sort of office or council seat, and it may have to be done. I just do not know where I would fit in. I am obviously a Democrat, but I supported tearing down the apartments on Brooklyn Boulevard, which is a Republican stance. I guess that I would go more into the mold of my man, William Jefferson Clinton. A man who was moderate if there ever was one. I mean, not now. In a couple of years. The woman who won my district ran an auto parts store, so its not like you really need that much experience to be a state senator or a state rep. I know its crazy, but its a thought.

My other thoughts have involved women. I just have no interest in dating anyone seriously. I guess it is the lack of crushes and available women that are around. I finally am comfortable with the single life. Sure, it may have taken a year, but now I really think that I dig the fact that I do not have a significant other. Strangely enough, I miss the cuddling (and obviously the sex) but its something that I have come to grips with. My time will come. It does suck that I attend a University with extremely hot girls left and right. It is true that men put women into two groups when they first see them. It seems these days I put more in the "would" group than the "wouldn't" group. The less I get, the lower the standards are.

Only 60 Dollars

The new Handsome Boy Modeling School is the brilliant shit. It is like a mix tape from heaven. So many of my favorite artists that get not enough or no love (Mars Volta, Chino Moreno) are here in new exciting ways. The Oates/Jamie Cullum song is really really good, as well as the Jack Johnson. The great thing about the album is that there is a good mix of styles. I can't believe they did what they did with pop music. I knew both of them could work wonders with hip hop, but the rock side is just as good. I am pretty sure that this will make my top ten for the year.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cause It's So Hard To Swallow

Some dude came up to me and Jeff outside Cheapo tonight and asked us if we wanted to buy mushrooms. He was normally dressed and in a Buick with five other dudes. The question is, why mushrooms? No one is just going to say, yeah, you know, sure. Pot or coke maybe, but mushrooms?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Oh, Oh, The Israelites

Last night was a good time until No-Knee lied about the kegger. Anyways, Millas 22nd at Mayslacks was pretty crazy. Christian got a purple nurple for touching some girl (who looked like Sue Marklowitz) hair bun. Milla danced with a 40 year old mom? Pics will be soon in coming for that one. Hookers N Blow was hot hot shit. The Stevie, Stones and Curtis covers were hot, and I cannot believe that they played Shantytown by Desmond Decker, because I quoted it on the drive over. Also, the car ride on the way over sucked because Angie's car reeked of seaweed. But the awesome roast beef sandwiches at the bar proved a nice distraction. And at the end of the night, Jeff and I ate Taco Bell while listening to "Badmotofinger" by Soundgarden in my car. Oh, and Nate and I wore the same fucking shirt. That was pretty pretty gay. But overall, a good time.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Guitars, Cadillac's, Hillbilly Music.

This Space Ghost with Meatwad, Shark Thing and the hillbilly squid is the funniest thing I have ever seen. They keep saying that the Shark Things father put his human penis in his shark mothers vagina. Then Meatwad asks for candy, and they ask to bring out the vaginas. And the Shark talks about his anal fins and being beaten with a jar of turtle penises. What the hell? I usually hate all the above characters. But this is brilliant.

Everybody Knows It Hurts To Grow Up

Went out to Fridays tonight with Milla and Jeff A. Hill. Discussed how the Farm was a huge frat where all the old members are still welcome (except Pods and Schmitt) and they will always be Farmers. I cannot believe that it is Millas 22nd today. Seems like it was just yesterday we had 7th Grade Reading in the portable at Jackson Middle School. We got to wear our coats outside, and I remember his St.Louis Blues Starter Jacket and his big ass Sketchers and his No Fear shirts. Fucking 1995, what the hell? All about sports teams and the girls rocking the stupid CK shirts. Then came 8th grade German when my mom bought us all strudel and Milla called me fat. Then in '99 when we spoke over Dreamcast in the morning after the bus and Soul Calibur and how kickass Rancid was. I gave Milla a ride home from the first pepfest (along with Kyle Robert and a 14 year old Louwerse) and he in turn ordered me Punk O Rama 1 from Epitath. I think that since then we've probably been to about 50 concerts together, from that first Five Iron Frenzy show on Halloween '99 (has it been 5 years?). Holy shit, how time flies. Milla is now an adult, I will be so in 29 days, then Hill in January. It seems like I was 17 yesterday, and sometimes I wish that I was. We now cannot rely on the "Oh, I'm 21 excuse." Where are the others now? Louwerse is fucking married and Kyle is a lifer in the military (and Dustin is in the Navy). We lost Radam and Mike and all those guys, and many female friends along the way. Honestly, I don't know what I want to do with my life. I should be graduating this year like all of the others in my class, getting a job and whatnot. I think I'm gonna start a new excuse. It's called, "Oh, I'm 22. I can do this for another year." And I am gonna love that.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

His holy light shone on the E.B.H.C that fateful eve. Posted by Hello


The best picture that I have ever taken. Record cover '02 Posted by Hello

You've Cleaned Up, Found Jesus, Things Are So Good I Hear

Jeff finally found Christ. It just happened to be at a party with a keg. Posted by Hello

Saw a Logal Kid Woogin Upba Moo Be

According to this Wednesdays City Pages, 26% of homosexuals voted for Bush. Isn't that like an African American voting for George Wallace in '68? What kind of self-loathing person would vote for someone who wanted to limit their civil rights? Next, I'll be voting for a candidate who limits my intake of Broadway Pizza Buffet.

We're Rough, Rough, Rough

My brother Jordan turned on a movie with Eugene Levy in it. I asked him what movie it was and he replied, "The Story Of Jeff Hill." Then he looked at me because the movie had John Candy in it. Fucking asshole.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

One Glimpse Of An Ankle And I React Like It's 1805

I am in love. Her name is The Shins "Chutes Too Narrow". Now I know that that is a long name, but it is beautiful. Seriously, this CD is the best thing to come out in a long time. I bought it three months ago and I have played it nonstop since then. All the songs are so poppy yet seriously warped in a strange way under the melodies. It is so good. I recommend you download "Kissing The Lipless" and "So Says I" if you want to also know the truth. I'm feeling the mini revolution in music these days. The Roots put out a straightforward CD, Mos Def gets all experimental. De La cuts the skits and shortens the songs. Franz Ferdinand and The Killers bring back fey synths and quasi-disco. And Modest Mouse, the indie stalwarts, have a #1 modern rock single. Finally, something interesting these days.

Holla Atchya When I Come Off Tour

My brother Jordan and I saw an ad for the Jay-Z/Linkin Park mashup CD that is coming out and he suggested that Pansy Division mash up with someone. Then I suggested that they mash up with Beenie Man because he "wants to pour acid on all the gays in Jamaica." At the thought of this, I laughed so hard that I nearly shat myself. Who thinks of "pouring acid" on people? And did/does anyone actually listen to Pansy Division?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I Saw You Talkin To Christopher Walken On My TV Screen

Thanks to Heck for this one back in the day. I found it. Go to www.brandonbird.com/pictures for more weird shit like this Posted by Hello

Say Goodnight, Mean Good-bye

Clinton, the idol of men, came on KARE last night and said that Dems should "quit whining and take the party in a new direction." Only Slick Willie would make such a bold statement. On with the show. Jeff, Milla, Nate and I went to Gasthofs in Nordeast Minneapolis last night and it was the best time ever. Got a big beer for $8, Jeff talked politics with two chicas, Nate did the lonely robot and tried to karaoke "Feel Like Makin Love" but didn't. The ride home featured a drunk Jeff laying across Nate, Christian and Milla in my backseat. He kept telling people to throw his shoes out the window. Then we went to White Castle and it hit the spot as usual. Can't wait to go back.

I also got my ass handed to me in a rousing game of tennis less than eight hours after bar close. I held my own until the final games, where I couldn't serve worth shit and my return was always long. The highlight was the fat kid and his brother playing next to me. The kid was like 11 and the heavy kid 18. He got worked by jr. and then he pouted and made him go home. Then he did a burnout in his Intrepid.

I am nursing the worst cold/allergies ever. I think that I am going to cuddle up with GTA: San Andreas and a nice cup of something sweet and good.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Maybe It's Time We Impeach TEX

Nice to see the country is so united over this election. All I hear is Republicans saying, "neeyah, neeyah, neeyah" and all I see is the Democrats still rocking Kerry-Edwards buttons. The only good thing is that this election got a lot of young people active and voting. Hopefully, as the Star Tribune reported today, Tex won't spend his "credit" on passing his bullshit religious right agenda. Can this man be even remotely moderate? I do not consider his victory a mandate to do whatever he wants, because there are still around 50 million (plus the 5 Nader supporters) who DO NOT agree with no civil unions for homosexuals, and who believe that a woman's body should not be governed and it should be her right to choose. Not too mention Social Security. As someone who has a disabled relative who relies on Social Security, I do not want to see it taken out of the governments hands.

Oh, and Bill Miller in '06 for guvnor, so we can have two Guvnor Millas.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

See The Idiot Walk. See The Idiot Talk

It's nice to hear that John Edwards wanted to fight the injustice of the ballots that I am sure were withheld by the Republicans. Kerry, fearing a sequel of 2000, conceded. I can't wait until 2008. You know Cheney won't run because of his single-digit approval rating. You think that Bush will change the Constitution so he can seek a third term? He wants to ban homosexual marriage and our civil rights, what will stop him from getting that third term? I also hope that Edwards runs instead of Hillary. My ideal ticket would be Edwards-Obama, but I think that he has his own aspirations. There was a rumor on WCCO last night that Pawlenty will run in '08. I bet it will be him or Coleman, or both. Just get him out of our state. Also nice to see Dubya so gracious and sincere in his acceptance speech. What a load of shit. Why would you want to "Bridge the gap" between parties when all you are good at is burning bridges?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Black Wednesday

The Following is not the statement of a sore loser, or an angry Democrat. It is the view of someone who is deeply concerned with the future of this country. You may not agree with my views, but understand that they have been thought through for some time.
Isn't it funny how Bush became a born again Christian just as his political career was starting? Or how John Kerry honestly admitted his past use of marijuana and Bush denies his well publicized use of cocaine? How fucking stupid is the American populous? Tonight, I hate this country. I do not see our resolve over adversity, I see a bunch of citizens voting on issues that do not directly effect them, such as marriages that are not their own. I see people not sending out a rebuke to a man who has killed 1000 plus people in a senseless war that was not ours to fight. Our economy is arguably in the worst state that it has been since the Great Depression(even during a war). Yet people want the man who has put us deeper into debt than any prior. And why is this? Is it because people like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney cast a wave of fear over everyone. Who was listening when Cheney said that if Kerry is elected then we will have another terrorist attack? It seems no one. What bullshit. Why is my president the one chosen by people in the Southern United States who still haven't taken the Confederate Flag down from their houses? These people are fighting a war that ended 150 years ago. This land is not free. It is a land that is supposed to have a division between church and state, but I see none. I see God playing a huge role, and you know that tomorrow many will say that God shined on George W. Bush. I say that my God does not want his children sent off to kill for Haliburton. Today, if George Bush wins the presidency, which I see happening because you can't take power away from a man who had his bloody hands on the Patriot Act, I can say that I am not proud of my status as a citizen of these United States. I am ashamed that the public is too ignorant to see that our president has and will continue to lead us on a path that we should not walk alone. The Red, White and Blue is a mockery when it flies over the man from Texas.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

We've Come To The Election Day

Ah, the above was a Duran Duran side project called Arcadia. I love the fact that their name sound like an 80s videogame machine. I think that Grace Jones sang backup vocals. It's definently no "Rio" or "Union Of The Snake." I have come to accept my blooming homosexuality when it comes to musical tastes and I have bought a Duran Duran best of and "Faith" by George Michael in the last month. They only came to a total of $4, which makes it OK in my book. For some reason, I dig synth pop. Christian gave me this album by Playgroup which is so fucking hot its ridiculous. It features the lead singer from Bikini Kill in a non-annoying way, and also Edwyn Collins from new wavers Orange Juice and the one of my fave 90's singles "A Girl Like You." Good stuff, good stuff. Oh, and in an essay about Gershwin in music appreciation, I dropped how Sublime samples Gershwin's "Summertime" on "Doin' Time." That songs a classic, yes I said it. A Sublime song is a classic.

Monday, November 01, 2004


I was listening to "The Low End Theory" today during my break at school, and I realized that it is one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever. I mean, I always knew that it was a groundbreaking work, but it really hit me today. I was thinking, wow! It amazes me that only three members could make music that glorious. Yes, a DJ and two rappers really kill. The interplay between Phife and Q-Tip is just so great. The fact that the album is enhanced by guest stars like Pete Rock (who made beats) and Charlie Brown and Busta Rhymes, who were not in the group but in Leaders Of The New School, makes it classic. I mean, the guest stars don't make the album, but Brown and Rhymes really make great guest appearances. Really great stuff.

Baby, Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me

Why in the fuck is Mac Davis in "North Dallas Forty"? I turn on ESPN Classic and there he is. I hate that curly haired bastard. I still have not seen the Mac Davis album that Christian had where he is throwing a football in a Jim Plunkett album on the back. The 1970s were really a time for ugly men to have successful music careers. Meat Loaf, Jim Croce, Mick Fleetwood, Mac Davis, John Denver and Joe Walsh were all hideous hideous looking dudes, yet they all had hit singles and got lots of pussy. None would be anything now. Music is so much about image today. Not since the early 90's could you be ugly, and even Cornell and Vedder are good lookin' guys. That was maybe a little gay, but it's the truth.

Kick Out The Jams Motherfuckers

Halloween '04 had quite a few amusing moments. Jesus walked and saved both myself and Jeff Hill. Cody's girlfriend flashed everyone on the porch, and it wasn't her top. Macho Man went around and hit everyone with a chair. Perverted Elvis passed out once again and macked when he was awake. I found that I have loyal readers that I didn't know about. I got spanked by a hot dirty cop. Peter and Quade showed up and the party went wild. Jen asked why some pregnant chick was walking around. Jeff kicked mailboxes and threw newspapers while screaming "EXTRA! EXTRA! Paperboy do the "Ditty" if ya want to" on the longest walk home ever. And my personal fave was when Natz put in "Kick Out The Jams", "TV Eye" and just about every Replacements song ever. Peter even requested "Gary's Got A Boner" and it got played!! The two lowpoints were that that fat goth bitch Jackie showed up and started insulting me, calling me "Rosie O'Donnell" and just talking shit. I am so glad that Jeff stole her shit. The other low point was that the keg ran out at 12 AM. There was much more partying to be done, and I wished for another keg. It didn't rank up there with the 80's party, but really, what does? The costumes were very well done, and I am glad to see I made the top 10 on Christians blog. I still think that I looked more like Andre instead of Meat Loaf, but what the hell?