Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Can't Sleep At Night, I Toss And Turn, Listening For The Telephone

The following paragraph sums up why I am still having a torrid love affair with Wikipedia:

"Every Little Step" is a single released by R&B singer Bobby Brown in 1988 on the MCA label. It had a cultural impact comparable to Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean', only on a smaller scale. The video featured Brown twisting, turning, and spinning, creating a new era for dancers from the local clubs to the school dances. The video also featured Brown's stair step haircut that became the norm for urban blacks across the country

Only on the good ship Wiki would someone feel the need to discuss "Every Little Step" and its cultural impact, and then top that off by comparing said impact to "Billie Jean".

And don't ask me why I find shit like this. You only need to know I go on "rolls" where one thing on Wikipedia leads to another, like the Fixx.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ballin On A Budget

New week, new trip to HPB in St Louis Park. Four CDs for Four Bucks! "Sweet FA" by Love and Rockets (Sweet Lover Hangover kicks ass), a Suede EP, Barry White's Greatest Hits and "Olympian" by Gene. Someone was selling a shit ton of Brit Pop. Plus, tons of finds at the record show on Saturday, and my brother and mom found me "The Roots Come Alive" on vinyl at Spanish Harlem, so a good week for cheap dirty music.

The new "Office" tonight was really uncomfortable. I enjoyed the little laughs (like Dwight talking about his mustard colored shirt) but overall it was just really uncomfortable. I mean, the old episodes were the same way but it seemed light hearted at points also. I think "30 Rock" may be overtaking it as the best thing on NBC on Thursday nights. Besides "Kath and Kim". Oh wait, that show fucking sucks, but I can't turn away because it is done up in pastel and Selma Blair is strangely hot.

"Chinese Democracy" on Saturday night. I hope that Best Buy is open cause I want to have a few beers and head over there and experience probably the last music related cultural event of my lifetime. Because, lets face it, no other band will dredge up this kind of excitement unless they dig up the Mighty KC or Brad Nowell in the next few months. Plus, this will (and I repeat WILL) be the last time a group of people queue up for a CD. Why hang with the unwashed masses when I could download it off iTunes, they will all say...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday, It Would Be So Nice

The other night while at the Champlin Holiday, I got super amped when I heard "I Heard A Rumour" by Bananarama over the Muzak. It got me to thinking...why do I love shitty 80s pop music? I mean, everything that sounds oversynthed and garbage sounds like ear candy to me. From Rick Astley to "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minouge, I drink their Aqua Net milkshake, I drink it up.

Sometimes I think I am the only straight American who likes incredibly gay catering British pop music.

In other music news, "Chinese Democracy" finally drops in a little under two weeks. I will be the first in line, if only to support the man who sang on "It's So Easy". And I think I have made myself like the title track, deluding my brain into thinking its a combo of "You Could Be Mine" and "Nighttrain" but not even 1/10th that kickass.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can You Dig It...Yes We Can!

So the long national nightmare is over. Within three months, this whole Republican nonsense of the last eight years will be gone (at least the people will be gone) and a more level headed, less narrow sense of thought will be in Washington. This is the best day I have had in some time, even though I got my ass chewed at work. Someone could have laid a huge Sir Duke in my Corn Flakes and I wouldn't have cared...because Barack Obama is President. Say it, let it linger. No more of this "Dubbya" nonsense. Thank whatever deity you may choose.

Oh, and thank you to Michelle Bachman for winning. Your politics are crazy and no where in tone with what I think, but I have just discovered your sexy. The crazier you talk, the hotter you are.

PS-Thank YOU CNN, with your hologram of Will.I.Am talking to Anderson Cooper on a gigantic US map. Talk about jumping the shark. How about "Gramming the Pea"?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Prissy Prancin/Biko Toughen Up

To this boy, there is nothing better than scuzzy, sexy, lets drink-a-fifth of Jack and play pinball rock and roll. This boy says thank god for Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes and their playing as Eagles of Death Metal on "Heart On".

The Devil (Hughes) and the Baby Duck (Homme) first kicked me in the scrote with "Peace Love Death Metal" nearly five years ago. That album was all about Whorehoppin, apple wine, fucking the devil and Gerry Rafferty. Needless to say, it is one of my most favoritiest discs ever. Then came "Death By Sexy" which had the better album title but weaker songs (prime example: the god-awful "The Ballad of Queen Bee and Baby Duck"). I will admit, I didn't know what to expect with "Heart On".

Hughes was quoted in Rolling Stone saying he wanted his new album to sound like the Stones buttfucking Devo. That pretty much sums it up. The latest one is the glammiest toughest sissiest shit, plain and simple. It gets back to prancin, pants, LA and torpedos. But, unexpectedly, it gets tender as fuck with "Now I'm A Fool". Sometimes, the jokiest motherfuckers can write some effecting stuff (see:Ween). Anyways, I digress. And I need this, like I needed the Toadies and old Stones and any other rock that can make me want to fight and dance and ride into a biker bar dressed like Rob Halford except less gay.

Speaking of slightly effeminate yet rugged, I am also taken by the new Bloc Party disc "Intimacy". Truth be told, the first two songs scared me because they were so tough and ready to scrap it up in some West End back alley, with their talk of drunk rumbles and mercury being in retrograde. But by the time "Halo" and "Biko" roll around, the album is a grade-A Morrissey style poncefest. Best quote "You took your watch off when we made love/You never wanted to share your time with anyone else." The third Bloc Party homerun in a row.