Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lost And Found?

According to, they may have found Jacob Wetterling in Bemidji. The man who looks like him has a lot of holes in his life story, and he will not submit to dental records or DNA testing. If this proves true, then it would prove to be an end to the biggest ongoing newsstory in Minnesota history. I always thought that the child was sold into white slavery or prostitution due to the fact that the kidnapper looked at the kids faces when he abducted him. It will be interesting to see how this story turns out.

Generals And Majors Always Seem So Unhappy Unless They Got A War

First of all, I have something to get out there. I'm gay. Now, anyways, I have to thank Christian for bringing up the fact that Cat Stevens supported the Fawta on Salamin Rushdie. Had I remembered this, I would have not supported Cat Stevens (or Mr. Islam, as he now likes to be known). I have read some of Rushdie's work and I find him a fascinatingly strange man. I also remember hearing of the Fawta as a child and wondering how a government could sanction the killing of an individual for a work of fiction. Honestly, this shaped how I thought of Muslims as a child, and it was not a very good opinon. So what it comes down to is that Cat Stevens the singer sang gentle songs, and Yousef Islam, or whatever he likes to be called, is obviously not a man of peace for supporting such a horrid bounty. This does not change how I feel about the governments policy of stripping civil rights via the Patriot Act, though.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ride On The Peace Train

Go USA!! Ha-Zah Tom Ridge!!! Way to detain Cat Stevens! If this doesn't prove that this country is racist in its screening policies, then I do not know what will. Yeah, I'm sure a world famous singer (and legendary man of peace) is gonna commit acts of terror. If you don't vote the first Tuesday in November you are a sorry citizen. Things like this arrest should get all those who feel a regime change is necessary out to the polls. Lets put it this way, "Slick Willie" never arrested Muhammad Ali just because he was Islamic. I am so vexed right now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Road Runner Road Runner. Going A Thousand Miles An Hour

Best night of Cheapo ever. I bought two Primal Scream albums for $3 each, and found Dr. Octagon finally, after first reading about it and being interested in Spin in 1996. The biggest find of the night was THE MODERN LOVERS!!!!! For nine bucks! This album is out of print, and I am so fucking pumped for it. Gonna buy Interpol tomorrow, and if money holds out, Talib Kweli.

Monday, September 27, 2004

With My Midnight Confessions Screaming Out That I Love You

Overnight fun was pointless. Now Im not tired and I am looking at random bullshit. I put the giant suppository magnet from the farm near my head and now I have a huge friggin headache and my eye sight is all blurry. I am sick of all this drama with people calling me and then not "being there" when I call back. Whatever. Todd got blown up at 2:10 this morning, and I almost threw my phone away because that child is so pimp. I called it to Nate and Mok that Toddles would get the call, and it happened. Mok rocked the glasses for the first time since the second Clinton administration, and I told him that I could see into his soul. I saw a man with a ponytail waving a tampon above his head about to hurl it at Dustin Michael Moore.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Let Me Love You Til The Morning Comes

Went quasi bar hopping tonight. Had a pre party at Geoffs and we made quite a spectacle of the beer we drank. I don't really remember much other than the tunes and Geoffs yearbooks. Went to Brothers and it was packed. Some chick "had to bump me" and then said that she was a linebacker and could handle a big guy. Saw G-Skis sis at Lyons Pub. We were gonna have the best nite ever by going to Drink but Nate was rocking 3 band shirts and the hoodie was much too much for the bouncers at the beautiful people bar. All the MPLS gay cops were waiting on the LRT tracks. Some ghetto whore called us "Faggot ass white boys" as some gangsta tried to start something. I hate when people act hard. Anyways, the night ended up at Luce, where the pizza was so gawdamn good I would have sold my soul for two slices.
One other thing: Do you ever look for someones face in the crowd when ever you go in public?

Friday, September 24, 2004

I Want To Know What You're Feeling. There Are Somethings You Can't Hide. PURE ENERGY

UH OH, I like Bright Eyes I think. Time to grow a beard and cry when I think about women. Oh wait, that has been an ongoing thing for quite some time now. "The Ballad Of Dorthoy Parker" is untouched in its greatness. Five Hundred songwriters could write 1000 songs a day and could never come up with such a surreal sexy song. Its like a painting with words and instruments.

I Wanna Do It To You All The Time, Allright

And I always talked about my ass. Ive come to the realization that my ass isnt that good. Its a little flat. By a little, I mean nonexistant

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hollywood Bitch, So Fake That She Seems Real

Have you ever looked at someone and deemed them worthless just by their actions? I usually do jokingly, but today I actually saw someone and said, "My lord. What a pointless excuse for a person." The person in question is a girl in my 20th Century Music class. Five-two, blonde, spray-on tan, probably about 100 pounds. She comes into class ten minutes late wearing work out shorts every day that barely cover her ass. Her cell phone rings in class during the middle of a lecture and she has the audacity to answer it. Always checking her phone. Today, she looked at her phone at least 3 times in a hour and a half class. I had the misfortune of riding a commuter bus with her, and she sat on the outside seat of an empty bus so one else would sit with her. She was wearing a skirt that was about an inch above her ass and it had a matching Dolce Gabana bag. Just a soulless look in her eyes. The bus thing was the kicker. What kind of bitch would block a seat because she was too good to sit with anyone? Her actions speak louder than words.
I hold on to things too long. I hold onto a summer crush much longer than I should. A grudge. Forget about it, they last so long that I forget what they are about. I have magazines older than some of my new co-workers. I tell the same stories about things that happened five years ago without thinking about tomorrow. Why is this? I have no idea. I often wonder, do others think like this?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

September Girls Do So Much, December Boys Got It Bad

Best purchasing day ever. Bought the new Green Day CD "American Idiot" (which is excellent) and THE STAR WARS DVD's. Just got done watching Episode IV. I want to make sweet nerd love to this box set. I never get sick of the Star Wars movies. I almost bought the Clash "London Calling-Legacy Edition" but realized that I do not have $25 to spare right now. It will be bought. School sucked because I missed lecture due to some accident on I-94. I got a quality nap in though, which was cool. Cannot think about anything but Star Wars right now, gotta go watch some trailers.

Friday, September 17, 2004

What Have I, What Have I, What Have I, What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Been sick as a motherfucker today, snot pouring out my nose and my head on fire and my eyes too bloody to see. But I will stop quoting Billy Joel and get on with my jorunal entry. School only made me sicker, as we had to cross polenate plants in Bio Lab today. The CDs of my annual campus walk were "Letters" by Butch Walker and "The Queen Is Dead" by the Smiths. I love the Smiths. The meloncholy really fits well with my long walk. Its funny, I feel like such an outsider with my headphones on. Butch is just a quality songwriter who has written some of the most catchy pop rock of the last ten years. I am so pumped that Christian borrowed me the Faces greatest hits, as I have been interested in them for the last year and haven't heard much. I am really into "Double Nickels on The Dime" by The Minutemen lately. The CD takes some time to grow on you, but once it does... BAM!! The work at the farm has been kind of fun lately, which is so different from the last two years. The young turks are ligtening the mood, and that is a huge relief for a job that was starting to feel like a descent into hell due to the negativity of the higher ups. It seems that all my crew is hooking up with ladies. Rumor has it that C.B.S has a ladyfriend that none of his non-Steve Miller boys knew about. Me, I'm always pining for the one perfect lady that will be the one to pursue me. Have I met the perfect lady and I didnt know it and let her get away? Or did I meet a good one and not act? I think its the latter. I did date a great one for two years, but there was a lot of little personallity differences that make us work better as friends. Jody and I did not have as much musically in common as some girls that I have met recently. God knows I tried to "convert" her to my style of music, but she was just too stubbron. I don't know why I place such a high emphasis on music. It's like a barometer of what I think of a person in some cases. If someones fave band is Saliva or Three Days Grace, then we gonna have problems.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Saw You (And Him)...Walking In The Rain

The Twins game was amazing, and Santana was brilliant. It was also the most random experience of my life. For instance:
- Four dirty hippies sat in front of me. The chicks were smokin. One of the hippie dudes made out with both of the girls and cuddled and ran his hand through his buddies hair.
-An Asian man took pictures of dudes at the trough
-Some dad said to his hottie daughter, as they walked through the pouring rain, "Boy Abby. You sure are getting wet." (Nick and I sure giggled at that one)
-A Cigarette Smoking Man lookalike sat alone in the upper deck
-Some he/she thing sat in the upper deck alone while fiddling with a tripod with a blinking light as she nervously smoked a cigarette.
-Finally, some Ghetto Mamma called her three year old kid a bastard and a motherfucker as she got off the bus.
Night everyone. GO TWINS!!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

You've Got The Most Stumbling Blue Eyes I've Ever Seen

Please, for the love of God, Yahweh, Neo, Yourself, Nature, etc GO TO THE TOAST MESSAGE BOARD!!! Read these douche bags who talk about how they'd rather have the world end than Toast break up. And, how the new Toast album will have EIGHT DANCE REMIXES!!!! I hope that this band picks up a fucking album by someone who is not AFI or Smashing Pumpkins someday. Do you think that they even know that black people make music? Oh, and Jordan and I realized that Ashlee Simpson totally ripped off "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morissette for "Pieces of Me." The standards for hotness have really gone downhill with that Tina Yothers-lookalike bitch. Sure, she's got a nice little rack and some gams, but I could name five chicks from high school who I'd rather give the little German to. Key word, little, to ward off any unflattering posts.

How Do You Break? And When Did Your Eyes Begin To Look Fake?

I bet my brothers that I could write an emo song pretty convincingly, and lo and behold, the first one turned out perfectly. Now, when I think about how shitty bands like Matchbook Romance and Lucky Boys Confusion are, I get pumped to write an emo song. Here is an effort called (Tonight) I Will Drive. Just picture Taking Back Sunday sing this shit.

Driving down 169
Through the glow of headlights
For a love that is not mine
Farther away from your heart

I still wish that you were mine
But I know this cannot be
Maybe in another time
I swear I'd make it right

I swear I'll make it true
I swear I'll give you all
I swear I'll make it right
Don't let me be alone TONIGHT!!!!

TONIGHT!!-If you'll listen I'll tell you
TONIGHT!!-Just hear it from my heart
TONIGHT!!-If you know it's true
Then swear you'll make it right

Between shit like this and that Slipknot video where that clown fucker wards off the Oddy-esque steakhead mooks with his bat, watching FUSE makes me want to kill. Except when they play Franz Ferdinand. That just makes me want to do lines of Peru off some supermodel's ass.

Friday, September 10, 2004

I Don't Feel Like I'm Falling Down, Just Say Hello To The Ground

The stupid fucks at FAFSA said that I would not get any financial aid. I hope they are lying, and I hope they all suffer horrid cases of tractor gonareha. If it doesn't go through, I may have to drop out of the school that I have come to love. For shame for my parents for making too much money. For shame.

The Patriots won tonight in dramatic fashion, serving as a delicious appetizer for the main course Sunday afternoon of the Purple Pride and the Cokehead Cowboys. Quincy Carter, Harvey Martin, Michael Irvin and Leon Lett, all drug casualties that played for the Yankees of the NFL. At least we had Barry Word AFTER his coke bust. I predict a Vikes win, 31-17.

School was a joke tonight, as I had easy ass German in the stinky class room and a Biology Lab for an hour and a half where we looked at plants and counted their "adolescent hairs." Lame. At least we got out early. I listened to Led Zeppelin "Houses of the Holy", New York Dolls self titled, and some scattered Ben Kweller and Funkadelic cuts. I love that I can listen to music nonstop while admiring the fine ladies of the U of M. Thank God for skirt season.

I always check out other peoples blogs with certain interests as mine, and when I clicked on the "Casino" option, Christians blog popped up second on the list of quite a few. Weird. No one elses blog pops up under certain areas. Night y'all. Off to do the hausarbeit fur Freitag.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I Just Was Talking To Kim, I Said, "You Fucking Die." Like A Joke

School was, in the words of Cody Stevens, Hill-aaa-ree-us. My crazy little Music teacher stomped her foot so hard to John Phillip Sousa's "Washington Post March" that the CD player skipped. My Journalism teacher told us that she was obsessed with "Lois and Clark" and "Charmed". And the German classroom stunk like ass. I had a break for two and a half hours today, so I went to the CD Warehouse in Dinkytown and had mulitple orgasams. They had just about every CD I have ever wanted but couldn't find, and all new. I almost bought some Kinks, some Joy Division, and almost the first Time album for ten bucks. I am going to go broker because of that friggin place. I finally decided on "There's A Riot Going On" by Sly and the Family Stone for six bucks. Good CD. My walkin' CDs for the day were "Today" by Galaxie 500, the aforementioned Sly CD, and "Candy Apple Grey" by Husker Du. I really like that one. Grant Hart has a wonderful voice, too bad he's such a pretentious, pompus son of a bitch. Bob Mould is also a better singer than a screamer. I love the ballad, "Hardly Getting Over It". Oh, and I made some awkward conversation with a girl in my Journalism class. Why am I so bad at trivial conversation, yet I can talk for hours to people I know? And if anyone can tell me what the above title line is from, I will buy them a SKUF of their choice someday down the line

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Seven, Seven-Eleven, Seven-Eleven, Seven Even Back-doored Little Joe

Schule hat beginnt. I fell asleep in my Biology lecture for the enitre 75 minutes, and got out of class only to run into the Jamacian Sensation. Never saw anyone last year, see Steele after five seconds. Interesting. German was fun because I got to speak the non-mother tounge for the first time for a long time, and it came back nicely. The teacher is brilliant, not because of the German speak. He looks exactly like Peter Harold Quist, except for the red hair. He rocked the gray Dickies and the work shirt also. I also got to walk around the campus and listen to music, which I always love doing. The fine ass little freshman girls and the slowly changing trees were breathtaking. The CDs I listened to were "Midnite Marauders" by A Tribe Called Quest, "Psychocandy" by Jesus and Mary Chain, and "Upsy-Daisy Assortment" by XTC. I also found a pizza place in the DinkyDome that serves gourmet by-the-slice for cheap, and they have gyros and fries for $3.50. Delicious. I also enjoyed riding the bus home today after my experience with public transportation in Chicago. Watching the LRT Trains made me think that Minneapolis was getting a bit more big city and a bit more cosmopolitan. It was nice not having to drive down there at all today, as Jody drove this morning. Jody drove her OWN CAR! I can't believe it. And today at the gym some little high school chick with "dance" written across the back of her shorts kept checking me out. Kind of a boost for my self worth, as I usually don't get checked out. Buy usually, I mean never. It was a good day indeed.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I've Got One, Two, Three, Four Five...Senses Working Overtime

Too much to think about lately. Probably will have to quit the farm because Starbucks won't give me leeway on the weekends. Oh well, its been a fucked up five years. Time Marches On, T-Law. School starts tomorrow at 8:15 AM and I am so not pumped. I almost didn't go, but I did some soul searching and realized that if I don't, then I will just end up sitting around playing videogames and doing nothing, and I will lose the modivation to get more work, etc etc etc. Jeff and I had an amazing talk the other night about life and religion and women and it made me realize a few things. I always felt that a woman is the key to my happiness, and I now realize that this isn't so. If something happens, it happens. The talk didn't change my view on religion though. I also have to stop dwelling on my failures with women. Some I can look back on as funny misunderstandings, but others I make too much out of. Move on, dammit, and quit moping. I still can't help but think about what might have beens in all my life situations. Sometimes its kind of funny to think about what would have been different if I didn't buy a Focus and would have went to UMD instead. Or had I stayed at Taco Bell, what would have become of me? Strange to think about.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I Am A Redneck Woman

I went to the fair today, and it was pretty fun because it was the first time that I could drink there. The Reuben on a Stick was pretty tasty, but the highlight was the Chorizo Sausage Breakfast Burrito that was in the Beer Garden. That was an epiphany. So many tens, it seemed like second grade multiplication all over again. But now I am alone on a Friday night with no one to hold and I am feeling down down down. I feel gross, I look pretty scrubby and worst of all, I feel like not doing anything. I don't want to go to school, I don't want to work for eight hours just so I can buy more CDs and be broke, and I don't want to call most of my friends. I gotta get out of this Terry Funk pretty quick. I guess that I just take things to hard and need to get over being without lady interest, but it is really hard. Eventually, I will get over it, I hope.
Power of positive thinking, I am told.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Mr.Narrator, This Is Bob Dylan To Me

Work has sucked ass the last few days. All of our regulars who bitch and don't tip have been testy lately, but other tips have been good. It always seems the only people who care about how light their fucking cappuchino is are the damn people who come in every day. Anyways, not looking forward to school next Tuesday. I want to take a semester off so bad, but I know I won't go back if I do. Excited about buying the new Libertines album tomorrow. I love the first one, and I bought the new single in Chicago, so I am pumped. We are in the sunset of the summer, and it is not as glorious as I would have hoped for.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Via Chicago

The Chicago trip was fantastic. Wrigley Field was to die for, and I cannot wait to go back next year. The pizza at Giordano's and the Chicago dogs at Portillo's were the best tasting things that I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The Subway and the Train System was fantastic and Minneapolis needs to do something similar to that so I don't have to drive to the U every day or ride the slow ass bus. My only complaint was the bums, who hounded us constantly. There was one bum, who shall be known as "Sire" who called us the "Four Horsemen of yore" and asked for money so he could have "food in his belly and shit in his drawers." It was classic. One bum was really pushy and asked me and Jeff for nine dollars and two of our Old Styles. Seeing the Married With Children fountain on the way in was brilliant, and the fact that we stayed right next to Millennium Park (which is really cool) made the trip. The walking around the city was really tough but cool. We were all too tired to party late at night, buy I did get to see the buildings that are on the cover of Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot". The drive wasn't all that bad either. Madison is the biggest piece of crap city that I have ever set foot in, and the same goes for the whole state of Wisconsin. Overall, a great trip that I didn't think was ever going to happen. When it did happen, the cramming of everything into 48 hours made me very eager to go back next year.