Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Work Sucks, I Know

I hate opening three days in a row. God, even three cups of coffee couldn't keep me awake today, as I read Rolling Stone and listened to the new Darkness album. I am also a bit pissed that there was no "My Name Is Earl" or "The Office" tonight due to the "Biggest Loser." I have a good friend who said once that he would like to give it to Caroline Rea (the host of said show). I won't name names, I swear. And I missed the new "Nip/Tuck" where Christian screws some fat chick with a paper bag on her head and the third partner in the clinic gets ass loved by a Marine. What an abusrd, great show.

School sucks, too. I need a beer, really bad. Too bad no Old Chicago this Thursday due to my working. I cannot wait until school is out for Holiday. I'm finna go apeshit, take the returning C.B.S. out for a belated birthday downtown and watch him do the retarded chicken dance all over the place.

Xbox 360=Overrated hype. I played King Kong and it was graphically beautiful, but it seemed like different song, same dance. Nothing like when the N64 and PSX came out back in the day. Moving to 3-D was an actual markable improvement over the SNES and the Genesis. I would kill for a game experience like Final Fantasy VII or Mario 64 from when I was 14. The lack of "Holy Shit, I can't believe that" is why I don't game like I used to. Shit, I would rather play Donkley Kong Jr. on ColecoVision or HERO on the Atari 2600 than some of the junk the next gen systems turn out. I like fun, not graphics.

And NHL 91 and Tecmo Bowl still kick most current sports games asses. Bo and Madano have dominated me far too much for me to not call them classics.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?

Walk The Line is a fantastic movie. I finally saw it today, and I think that I need to pick up some Sun Records Johnny Cash. That was the best music in the film.

I was reading Okay Player last night and there was a thread about the songs that scared people as a kid. Most people were scared by the song "Carribean Queen" and by "Somebody's Watchin Me." Some dudes were even freaked out by the Paramount TV ending theme. I admit, I was too. I was also scared by the song "Hey Tonight" by CCR and the song "Silent Running" by Mike and The Mechanics. It was the one with the chorus "Can you hear me running? Can you hear me callin you?" The song "Hazzard" by Richard Marx, about a retard killing a girl by the river, also made me want to cry and cuddle up under my Lazer Tag sheets.

Its funny how weird things freak you out. I can't watch old black and white movies. They make me not sleep for weeks. Not classics like Citizen Kane or Casablanca, but B Movies. I have no idea why. Maybe because everyone who was in them is dead? Oh, and I also get freaked out by old commercials with really creepy jingles. Mainly with lady singers. There was a commercial for a pro choice orginization a few years ago called Birth Right. The jingle was "Birth Right Cares About You." I swear to god, every time it came on while I was listening to my clock radio, I would have to sleep with all the lights on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Need A Dime, Thats Toppa Tha Line

The last week was an interesting time. Thursday consisted of me getting run off the stage trying to sing "What You Give" by Tesla, downloading pics of Rowdy Roddy Piper to the Old Chicago computer, and doing the Double J strut as Jeff sang. Friday was a bore, but I bought stuff, so it was ok. I also had shift class in Bloomington where some crazy old shift talked about how she was adopted by Clarance Thomas at 17. Saturday was Millas 23, which was celebrated Northeast with $1.50 Old Styles and crazy cabbies that almost got whupped. Some Indian kid called our crew whack, but whatever. He had coke nails that scratched Jeff.

Oh, and I worked a bunch. I also bought Neil Diamonds new album, which is good, and the Playgroup mix, which is every good 80s song continously mixed. The best party album ever. I also attended my first record show, where I found the Moby Grape album for six bucks, and some Bowie and Dylan records. I also bought "Fresh" by Sly Stone, and a kick ass Bowie button from the cover of "David Live."

WW(F)E Raw was super depressing tonight. I was thinking about it, and why is it wrestling that kills so many? Steroids are just as prevalent in baseball it seems, and none have died officially from them. Still, I don't watch wrestiling as much as I did in my heyday, but I did follow enough to know what is going on. I was shocked that Flair is the Intercontinental Champ. That is slumming for the 16 time champ. Whoooooooo!

Enough dork stuff, except that I want that Warriors PS2 game...bad. Thats all.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

No updates lately cause I have been super busy with work and whatnot. The Halloween parties were a good time, especially when Nate and I took over the dancefloor. That was the shit. The last weekend blew ass, cause I have overdrafted a shitload in my checking account and don't get paid all week.

I got pumped in the car today when KOOL 108 quit playing shitty Christmas music. There really haven't been many good Christmas songs...ever. How can you fill a whole playlist with that shit?

Who is Mark Chumura? I really need to know. Whoever it is, has to be a true believer. No one can reference Dan Devine without either being a huge Packer fan (which would be lame) or a Packer hater, like myself. 1-7 makes me warm and fuzzy. I loved when that fat guy stole the ball from Brett Favre. I am sure the announcers were really pumped, calling him the old gunslinger and saying he always makes a play. Um, no. He throws more picks than Razor Ramon.

Speaking of wrestling, the Ric Flair book is a friggin must read. That man knows how to party. He caused riots in Puerto Rico and banged his way through the US countless times over. Old school wrestiling was the shit. And now what do we get? A fake retard winning belts? Good writing.

Been doing a lot of karaoke at the Old Chicago downtown. I sang "Faith" and "Banditos" and it was very liberating. I was also drunk, but I would do it sober also. Hell, I sang the country classic "Dust On The Bottle" stone sober.