Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's The Freakin Weekend

My "Internets" is back on, thank god. Too bad some are still without power. What a awful storm. I was stuck out in the storm in Champlin, which is double bad, because it is Champlin.

The last three days have been the shit. Thursday I went out to TGI Fridays and downtown with some of my Starbucks co-workers as a sort of "goodbye to Jake at Maple Grove" party. I drank three Ultimate Long Islands and got really really tipsy. Then on Friday, I went down to the U and kicked it at Nates for like 30 minutes before we went to some random kegger which was a mile away. Saw Peter Harolds new digs, and saw Jeff grab a rake from a frat house and say "I'm Rake-kwon." Then we walked to meet a friend of Jeffs, only to find the address given was that of an industrial park. The walk was definently a walk to remember.

Saturday was the best of the nights. Christian had his "leaving the EBHC" party and rocked cowboy boots like the Gap Band. We started out at Nye's. I guess that Frank Vascelerio was in the house, so Pete, Jeff and Milla went to go buy him a shot. Too bad he left. I ate the best pierogi ever, and drank many a cheap beer. Then we went to Gastoffs for Oktoberfest, where I consumed a Tied To The Bedpost and got pumped when "Jump Around" came on. The ride was the funniest. Peter had to straddle my lap because there were 8 people in a Mercury Sable. I felt really gay. I never had a 200 pound man on my lap before. Hopefully that will be the last time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

There She Goes Again, The Dopest Ethopian

Jeff finally made me the "Wanksta" mix of Underground Hip-Hop and Indie Rock. I am so pumped! Two discs, both the shit, introducing me to stuff that I had never heard. Fantastic. I also was introduced to this band called Diamond Nights, who kick more ass than any band recently. They sound like Thin Lizzy, Kiss and Van Halen thrown into some sort of music blender. I'd do coke with them if they asked me.

Quade killed his blog. Maybe someday he will bring it back with new material. Or maybe a return of The Plays? I kind of doubt it.

Cuts of the week:
"Catch My Disease" Ben Lee
"Cracklin' Rosie" Neil Diamond
"Black Book" Stephen Malkmus
"April Skies" Jesus and Mary Chain (Can't stop listening to the "Darklands" CD)
"Night On Fire" VHS or Beta

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tonight It's Very Clear, As We're Both Lying Here

PUMPED!!! Got let out of work two hours early, and all I had to do was train one of the new girls how to make drinks. Mainly we just shot the shit about the U and how it would be sweet to live down there. Not much else new, started class this week. I have a bunch of case study and strategic bullshit that I have to do in order to get my degree, so my social life may suffer soon. Yeah, right. I am the only person who doesn't study for finals and end up with B's on everything. Got a good parking contract this semester right next to the commuter bus stop, so its better than walking all over campus. I don't have class til 1:25 either. Sweetness like Walter Payton.

Jeff informed me that The Hold Steady and The New Pornographers are both coming in concert in October. I am there. Those bands released two of the best CDs of the year. I cannot stop listening to the New Pornographers CD "Twin Cinema." God it's so damn good. Off for some night tennis where I'm gonna dominate like Agassi.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You Sexy MF

After putting "Emancipation" by Prince on my I Pod yesterday, I had a dream that he performed at the Grammys in the Champlin Park auditorium. He also had Angelina Jolie on stage in a metal bikini flamenco dancing to his "new" song. Then we all went to the gift store and bought commerative T-Shirts from the event that said "Bilzzard '91" and were sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger and "Cigarettes." Then I roamed the halls of CPHS and went into my old 12th grade English class, where I did not acknowlege anyone, I just took a cup of coffee with cream. The lesson in all of this: Don't listen to Prince and eat Buffalo Wild Wings before going to bed on the first day of school.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Blaze It Up/Fortuante Son

Been quite an interesting week. In the spirit of "I will try anything once" I went salsa dancing with some of my female co-workers on Wednesday night. Seeing as how I have danced like twice in my life, I still had fun. That was probably due to the large amount of mixed drinks that I consumed over the course of the evening. Oh, and I did actually dance, just not well. And I was finally let in on the mystery of the "black man handshake" (as Quade and Jeff have dubbed it). I failed, but the bouncer said that my white ass would get it someday.

Today I enjoyed some Broadway buffet, and then went blazer shopping. I feel the need for something in a pinstripe, I think black. The shitty thing is that all the places that I went had that bullshit "vintage cut" style that looks like a chick should wear it. I don't have the body of a male model, so I don't look good in a vintage cut. Gay. Anyways, I think that some more clothes shopping is in order next Friday. I have class, but fuck it. College is for skipping, idn't it?

I find the New Orleans situation much worse than 9/11, personally. The pictures coming out of that city are damn sad. The worst part is that the media is not handling it like 9/11. I think that it is the media bias toward minorities. The reason that 9/11 got so much coverage was, yes, due to the fact that it was done by evil. But most of the people killed were white and proffessional. Hurricane Katrina hit the poor parts of New Orleans worst, and the low-income people were the most affected. Plus, Cocksucker Bush doesn't have a "terr" to fight. My brother Jordan said that Bush will probably propose a war on storms next. He is so fucking stupid. I swear to god, open your fucking oil-filled wallet and donate, say, $10 million to relief efforts. I know that you have it, you can afford it. Instead of telling people to "hang in there" actually fucking do something, you ignorant son of a bitch.