Monday, January 09, 2012

Videos of the Day 2 FOR 1 (Refused 'New Noise' and At The Drive In 'Invalid Letter Dept.')

In honor of two of the better post hardcore bands of my youth (you know back when I could actually discover bands via TV) reuniting, I give you the following:


I lived in these albums between the ages of 17 and 22, and I recently revisited both. Strangely, the Refused album still holds up as one of the greatest workout albums ever (along with Around the Fur by Deftones and the first System of a Down album). The loud quiet loud tenseness still kicks your ass almost 15 years later.

The At The Drive In album came along at just the right time, and gave us probably the strangest radio hit ever in 'One Armed Scissor'. And boy, to someone who was dabbling in more indie sounds but still intrenched in the Korn-Sevendust style bullshit that everyone was listening to, was this record a godsend! I remember nearly shatting myself when I got a tape of the 'Invalid Letter Dept." video on a mix of MTV2 videos from a buddy in high school (the other choice cut on the tape was the 'Gravel Pit' video by Wu-Tang). In the days before videos were available online, it was a real coup to score that.

Hopefully both Refused and At The Drive In will swing by MPLS instead of just playing festivals. God knows I will be rocking out like it is 2001 if they do.