Friday, May 26, 2006

Let's Talk About X Baby. Let's Talk About You And Me

I'm really used to being let down. Some things get super hyped and suck (such as Episode 1 or your first sexual experience). Very little lives up to it's hype. I was looking forward to "X3" pretty much all winter. Sadly, "X3" sucked ass. I was incredibly dissappointed by just about everything in the movie. The plot had huge holes in it, there was no character development, and the pacing was fucking terrible. Oooh, Brett Ratner, you egomanicial fuck. Great, I get it, you are soooooo friggin cool. You can make the characters say "bitch" and "dickhead." It doesn't work when the characters sound like they are swearing for the first time. Oh, and next time, don't put the big cliffhanger after seven minutes of credits. Wow, what a dissappointment.

Viva Las Vegas

Vegas was pretty cool. I wish that we could have done some more stuff, but sandwiching all that fun into three days made all of us super tired. Anyways, here are some of the highlights:

-Going out on the first night, getting really wasted while walking up and down the strip and finally passing out at the Mandalay Bay taxi stand at 6 AM.

-Eating Del Taco at 4AM (yes, they have breakfast foods at a fast food Mexican place!)

-Seeing a guy passed out on the sidewalk at sunrise at the Luxor.

-A hooker coming up to Jeff at the pool and asking if he was "Earl." (She eventually found her "Earls" at the other side of the pool.

-Going to get tattoos and then realizing that they were really expensive and that the tattoo shop guy was an asshole.

-Eating the buffet at the Sahara.

-Drinking a "yard long margarita" at the Luxor before we saw one of those shitty topless revues.

-Shitting on Carrot Top fans the same night.

-Getting bombed by the hotel pool in 105 degree heat.

-Walking to 7-Eleven every morning for Slurpees and breakfast.

-Listening to pathetic old women talk world politics on the Monorail.

There was some other great moments, I can't think of them all right now. I would love to go back, as soon as possible. This time, I would like to actually stay on the strip. We had to take a shuttle there every time we wanted to go.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

She Goes In And Out And In And Out

I just read the wikipedia entry for In-N-Out Burger (don't ask). I so have to go here when I am in Vegas. I do not care how much the cab fare is. Turns out it has a secret menu where you can order special burgers and fries with names like "animal-style" and 2x2. I love any place that is like Skull and Bones, all secretive and ritualistic.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Turn To Stone When You Are Gone

The new Pearl Jam is a solid work. I was worried for a second. I realized that I have played the last two live PJ CDs more than I played "Riot Act" (their last studio CD) since it came out. As a matter of fact, I don't think "Riot Act" has come off the shelf for over a year. Anyways, the new one is good. The first four songs rock hard, and I dig "World Wide Suicide" each time I hear it. "Unemployable" really gets to me. I downloaded that song about a month ago, and I liked it immediately. After reading the lyrics, I liked it more. It deals with a man getting laid off from his shit factory job. With my mother about to lose hers (thanks Bill Ford, you prissy little bitch) it really resonates. I still don't get the avacado on the cover, or the gross out pictures in the booklet, though.

The other CD I bought yesterday was "Wolfmother"by Wolfmother. This CD has some Shaq-sized balls, I'll tell ya whut. I love the fact that they are directly ripping of Zeppelin, right down to the mythical album cover. The lyrics are all about fairies and unicorns and mythical lands. There's also some soloing and some Bohnam style drumming. Short story is it rocks. But only when they also do a song about the Misty Mountain is when they ascend the mount of Thor and seize the hammer for good.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Game Of Love, Love La La La La La La

I watched a Bruce Lee doc on the making of "Game Of Death" on AMC today after my usual nap. Wow, that dude was one bad mother. He trained Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And Chuck Norris. Chuck was Bruce Lees Padawan. No wonder all those internets think that Chuck is so bad ass.

I seem kind of sad and lonely lately. Probably just the weather, and I'll be back to normal soon. Softball being cancelled didn't help matters much. Either did my visit to IHOP and me realizing that they suck balls. I had to wait nearly an hour for my stuffed french toast. And to top it off, the stoner waiter made fun of how quickly I ate it! Yeah, I have been having stomach problems (I have acid reflux, like John Elway) lately. For the last two weeks, coffee and anything spicy have made me nearly throw up. Thats a little hard when you work at a coffee shop.

Found Kiss "Alive" on CD for nine bucks today. That album actually rocks pretty f'n hard. I used to hate Kiss, but I have grown to appreciate their own special brand of cock rock. I absolutely love the intro to "Cold Gin". "Someone here backstage told me you guys like to drink vodka and orange juice. YEAH!" Oh Paul, why did Ace's solo album kick yours ass?