Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anthony's Song (Part 4)

Busy ass weekend. Spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday moving into the house in Crystal. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the kids moved in because I lost the pegs for their home (CD shelf). I still have no fucking clue where they could have went, so I have 2000 CDs laying in boxes until I can find some sort of alternate solution. But, its nice. A lot more room and a much better layout than the New Brighton pad. Still I will miss all the good times that were had there...

In non moving news, the Twins are killing me. I pray that the Tigers can end the Sux tomorrow, because I hate one game playoffs and I want to go into the post season with a few days rest.

This postseason seems really anti-climatic. I think it is because the Yankees didn't make it, and the east coast media now has nothing to go apeshit over. Plus, there is no favorite. I think we are going to have a Red Sox-Cubs World Series though, with the Cubs winning in 7 (I will have a full playoff preview when the Central is decided).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Sex Is On Fire

Whew, this was one of those whirlwind weekends that seemed like it lasted five minutes. Friday was spent at Gasthofs (for about an hour) and Jaros for a few Greenies (felt like 10 minutes, was probably 3 or four).

Woke up Saturday hung over as fuck to pack up the kids (CDs) and step kids (vinyl) for the voyage up 100 this week. Ate a salad and a dubby chubby, then went up to Mayslacks for a joyous reunion with Peter-San, Russ, Roast Beef and Hookers N Blow. Good times for those who showed, and as usual, the beef was amazing.

Woke up today hung over again, went to the Dome to watch the Purp lay the bitch slap down on the Panthers. Gus looked good, AP looked tentative (and may have cost me my fantasy game) and I'm in good spirits again.

And Tuesday, new Kings of Leon. "Sex On Fire" is slowly creeping up the Modern Rock and iTunes charts, so there is hope for amazing music to be popular again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sarah P is President

What the hell is going on with the election? I thought Obama was the savior, everyone wanted to vote for him because he had the ideas and charisma. I guess that putting a woman on a ticket makes you electable as shit, because McCain suddenly is in the lead. Are you ready for four more years of the same bullshit (or worse HELLO IRAN!) just because of a novelty?

Sarah Palin is not qualified to lead this country. She has been governor of a marginal state for a year and a half, and before that she was the mayor of a small town. And yet, at the gym yesterday (in between staring at Rhianna and staring at the Twins losing) I saw Sarah Palin taking the lead in a "town hall" style meeting with McCain.

I'm starting to think that Palin was McCains only hope, the sugar on the medicine, and when "they" get elected she will get pushed to the back. Then those who voted based on the novelty of the fact that they thought a woman was going to lead will be sadly mistaken by an inexperienced Veep and a war hungry man in the On Golden Pond years of his life.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Feel It In The Air, The Summers Out Of Reach

Summer was murdered in one fell swoop this weekend by the NFL and the cold temps in Brainerd. I know that Summer is usually over with Labor Day and the start of school, but last weekend was so damn warm that I didn't feel it. But, by going up to Milla's cabin this weekend and experiencing the sharp sting of 40 degree temperatures, I now know Fall is here.

The only thing I have to look forward to in the Fall is the MLB Playoffs and NFL Football. Otherwise, I get really down in the Fall and don't roll out of my Terry Funk until November.

But, I'm going to try to change that this year somehow. No more Fall of now.

Milla's cabin was a good time. A lot of Miller Lite was consumed, and Kori made us all a kick ass cake and some Hobo Dinner which I consumed with much gusto. I also picked up a Silverchair CD (Diorama) at the Goodwill in Brainerd for $2, which turned out to be quite the investment. "Diorama" features orchestration by Van Dyke Parks (who produced/worked on classic Beach Boys LPs) which means it sounds very chamber-poppy. Cool CD, and all the better for 2 bones. I also picked up 2 ELO albums for $5, and the new Dr. Dog kicks some ass also. Seeing as how fundage is a little tight these days, cheap music is ganz fantastich.