Monday, September 27, 2010

Game of Pricks

Greatest song ever sung by a hard charging drunkard ex-elementary school teacher, or just one of the greatest songs ever? You be the judge.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

US Open Fight (A Deconstruction)

And this is why I have no desire to visit New York anytime soon...

This video encapsulates almost every goddamn stereotype about New York that has ever been bandied about. You have the fat Italian woman screaming at the guido because he was being "rude" (when is screaming at a complete stranger not rude?). You have the random public "fucks" in that disgusting accent. You have a Greek chorus of other disgustingly accented Noo Yawkers screaming random shit instead of actually helping resolve the conflict. And finally, you have a fat man in a Mets hat throwing in his two cents long after the whole thing should have been finished.

No wonder most of the world hates least the French would have made a public sporting altercation look sexy.