Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gonna Make It Right, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Oh Oh

This post is brought to you by Michelob. Remember, the night belongs to Michelob.

So I guess the Red Headed Stranger has a song about gay cowboys. What the hell? Willie, Waylon was totally right. Don't let your baby's grow up to be cowboys.

I found Controversy on vinyl today. I am bumpin that shit like nobody's business. Seeing how I don't own the CD, its nice to have.

So I had this paper due last Monday, a six pager on how the European treatment of the Indians was genocide. I put it off until midnight, when I wrote four of the worst, rambling pages ever. All because I really wanted to play Call Of Duty 2. This is why I am on academic probation. Shit, I can rewrite at least one paper in the class, so if I don't get a good grade, its the one.

I'm pissed I didn't download the billionth song off of itunes yesterday. The winner got ten new ipods. Maybe then I would get one that didn't suck. I still haven't gotten a call from Best Buy telling me if I have to stick with the old shitty one or if I get a new one. I hate Best Buy on about the same level that I hate Wisconsin, Brett Favre and John Madden. They like to stick it up your tailpipe really good, even if you bought the three year warranty. I am buying any major purchase at Target or Circuit City from now on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You Can't Hurry Posts, No You Just Have To Wait. They Say Posts Don't Come Easy, It's A Game Of Give And Take

I will honor the requests of Phil Collins (so that's where you've been for the last ten years, Phil) and post a little. I was supposed to go celebrate Dr. Dre's birthday on Friday, but no cab would pick us up. So I drank a bunch of beers and listened to a rap battle where Nate faded Jeff with a line that concluded "You're Fit Finlay, I'm Lex Luger." Then I ate Burrito Loco, which I want to eff. Jeff put it best when he said "I'm gonna have so many orgasams eating this." Then I worked a bunch. I bought a shitload of discs this weekend. Heres a rundown:

Lucero- Nobody's Darlings
Social Distortion- Prison Bound
Hard Fi- Cash Machine EP
Brakes-Give Blood
Dirtbombs-Dangerous Magical Noise
Oasis-The Masterplan

Everyone knows the general on most of these bands, so I will give the rundown on Brakes and Hard-Fi. Brakes are like a drunk Irish slut. The lead singer sounds sauced and wild, and they do covers of "Jackson" by Johnny and June Cash and "Spmetimes Always" by Jesus and Mary Chain. Oh, they also do a ten second song about Dick Cheney and a minute song about telling some girl to fuck off because he wants to listen to the band. Amazing, shambing folk punk.

Hard-Fi does a pretty good Clash imitation, especially the Clash on "White Man In Hammersmith Palais." "Cash Machine" is a kind of broke Brit follow up to the Streets, and its great, all dubby and kinda punky. The rest of the songs are more of the same. Good for two bucks.

VH-1 plays some crazy shit after 2AM. I just saw the new Nada Surf video for "Always Love." I always see videos for some shit called the Fray or something before I go to bed, with a chick lead singer flying over New York City. That KT Tunstall video is always on. I don't know what to make of this chick. Its not all that shitty, and its weird to hear someone who isn't Pink or Britney on TV. That interview that she gives where she calls her music "Acoustic Folk Punk Girl Stomp" in a Scottish brouge makes me want to shoot 78 year old men with buckshot. And now they are playing "Girl" by Beck. I see this and "E-Pro" every night. Not complaining. Its strange that Viacom is playing videos off an album that, although it was the truth, didn't sell Timberlake or Fiddy numbers.

John Candy eating the "Ol' 96er" in "The Great Outdoors" is on and it makes me want to vomit. I have a soft spot for the Candyman. This film, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and "Uncle Buck" make me feel all fuzzy because they remind me of childhood.

Arctic Monkeys comes out tomorrow. I am amped. Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

She Seems To Have An Invisible Touch

My Ipod broke again. I plugged it in this morning to recharge, and all the songs were deleted. Fucking Steve Jobs. I bet Best Buy doesn't give me a new one. Oh, and in other news I heard the worst conversation ever at Target on Sunday. I heard a teen girl say to her friend "Aw shit, the Fugees, they legends." Her friend said, "You don't even know the Fugees." The teen girl said, "Naw, I know em. My brother gots that CD. Ooooh, Chris Brown. I want that CD. I got it burned, but I want it for the pictures." It beats the time Jeff and I heard one girl say "Why we come here?"and the other one say "For candy and stuff!!"

Friday, February 10, 2006

I Was Makin' Love Last Night, To A Dancin' Friend Of Mine

I had a rollicking good time last eve. I went to Jeffs crib and watched the Office and had a few beers, then I took a cab downtown to sing some kareoke at Old Chicago like we had done many a Thrusday. Unfortunately, they don't do that at Old Chicago anymore. It turns out that we were the only people doing kareoke on Thursdays there. So we went to Gluek's to see Hookers N Blow. It was pretty good, and they actually played some different songs ("Across The Great Divide" by The Band, "Rocks Off" by the Stones and "I Saw the Light" by Todd Rundgren) with some guy they introduced as "being straight from Greece". But it was kind of dead there. We went to the Pub, but there was, I swear to God, five people there. Why is downtown so dead on a Thursday? I thought that most people don't work on Fridays anymore. The night was finished off by eating cheap apps at Old Chicago. Fun with two n's.

Bring The Boys Home

I just saw a commercial that angered the hell out of me. It was for a group called The commercial consisted of Iraq war vets talking about what they had done in Iraq, rebuilding schools and such. Fine by me. But where it made me furious was where it started talking about how the real reason we were in Iraq was to fight the terrorists of Al-Qaida. They made statements about how the U.S. news only reports the bad that is going on and how we all need to support the president. Bold statements, seeing as how we are fighting an insurgency that really isn't all that much of a threat to the everyday lives of American citizens. Also, there is a lot of bad going on. Lots of American lives are being lost. We put into power a group of people who hates each other and cannot make a logical decision to save its life. The second we leave Iraq (be it in five, ten or twenty years) its going to split up into a bunch of little factions. I'm surprised that the commercial didn't have a statement about how we were about to find WMDs.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

While Kids Be Watchin Thirteen, I'm In The Backroom Scopin Zoom

I just saw a State Trooper pull out an assualt rifle, load it and then approach a beat up Blazer in front of the Washington Avenue Starbucks. Scared the shit of me.

When We Make Love, Do You Look In The Mirror? Who Do You Think Of? Does He Look Like Me?

I recently went to a local Dunn Bros. for an Italian Soda (Blackberry/Strawberry). While there, I decided to check my blog for posts. Well, according to the filters at Dunn Bros, my blog is banned. I feel so much like Luther Campbell and the rest of the Crew its scary.

Not much doing lately, been working 40 a week and trying to go to class. Its hard when one of your professors only has class for ten minutes a session. So I usually don't go to that one. And I have been battling some kind of virus that destroys me at random times. I got uber sick on Monday and had to miss a pretty important class. It sucks.

I think that the Arctic Monkeys album comes out next week, so I will actually be buying something on a Tuesday for the first time since the Strokes new album came out a month ago. Where are all the new movie/CD releases?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Why Count Lifes' Complexities When The Leather Runs Smooth On The Passenger Seat?

I looked at a list of the Oscar nominees today and I was kind of put off. The fact that Walk The Line wasn't nominated was kind of a shock. I think that the only way that you can get nominated is if you play a retarded person, a homosexual or someone who has a mental disability or is crippled. Seriously, Tom Hanks wins two years in a row (as a gay man with AIDS and a mentally slow guy) and loses the third as an astronaut. Sean Penn and Leonardo were also both nominated for playing retarded characters. It's kind of funny. I would bet the house that Brokeback Mountain wins for movie and director, and Reese Witherspoon wins for Walk The Line. Hell, thats the only one of the movies that I have seen. I hope that both leads from that movie win, but they will probably give it to the fat guy from Boogie Nights because he plays a gay guy and 2006 is the year of manly love at the Academy I guess.

On a totally unrelated note, I have rekindled my long dormant relationship with twice baked potatoes. I had one tonight and all the great memories of Ms. Korhorst's 7th grade Home Ec class came flooding back.