Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't Bring Me Down, Bruuuuce?

To use a little Cliff Clavin, its a little known fact that there is an ELO tribute band called ELNo. As of 2 PM yesterday, I had no idea someone would pay tribute to Jeff Lynne (who's career was mainly a tribute to the Beatles and Roy Orbison). As of 2 AM yesterday, however, I had seen the tightest cover band I have ever seen.

Lee's Liquor Lounge was the venue, and it was pretty empty for the Thin Lizzy cover band Jailbreak (basically the reason that I went anyways). They did a good "Cowboy Song" and, like all Thin Lizzy cover bands I have seen didn't play "The Boys Are Back In Town". Anyways, I almost decided to make a border run when I found out Nate and his lady were going to come up for ELNo. And I was glad I stayed.

It seems really hard to pull off an ELO song live. There are strings, vocal effects, vocal layers upon layers and about 14 different keyboard effects in each song. Yet ELNo pulled it off. All the big hits sounded like the records, with the exception being "Telephone Line" where the vocals were a little off. And the mix of oldsters, hipsters and gay guys was interesting people watching. Oh, and 5/6ths of the band rocked afro wigs and Aviators and billed themselves as "Jeff Lynne #1-5". I definitely need to see these guys again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Volga Boat Song

So Labor Day is nearly upon us. What the fuck does Labor Day exactly celebrate? Me working? I think that is their (by their, I mean the government) idea. If that actually is the case, then why do we not get a whole week off? I'm confused, but I guess I shouldn't look a gift holiday in the mouth?

Doesn't a holiday honoring the worker seem a little Commie to you? And whenever I think of Commies, two things pop into my head...the Miracle on Ice and Kyle Olson reading "The Communist Manifesto" out loud to the Chinese workers at the Northtown China Buffet in high school. I guess coming of age at the very end of the Cold War can kind of do that sort of thing to you.

According to my gay lover Wikipedia, Labor Day was going to be celebrated on May day like the Reds did. So I was right. But the entry is still vague as hell, so I really don't know why we are getting time off still. Oh well, at least Milla Cabin V is on track for the weekend after...

Attention QOTSA Fans

I'm selling my copy of The Desert Sessions volume III/IV on CDfor $60 bucks, if anyone is interested. I'm broke as shit, so I need to clear some of my inventory...let me know.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Electric Blue

I have been more 80s than New Coke, McDLTs and Stone Washed 501s lately. I have no idea why. Its weird, with the straight lack of good new music coming out (Black Kids, MMJ, the new Roots, the two Cool Kids songs I d/led and a few others non-withstanding) I have been turning to my aural comfort food of top 40 80s pop. Last night alone I "acquired" "Electric Blue" by Icehouse, "Love Takes Time" by Mariah Carey and "I Get Weak" by Belinda Carlisle.

Topping that list, I believe that "Electric Blue" may be in my top 5 80s songs. Everything about it screams 1988. The plinky synth lead, the power guitar, the vaguely falsetto chorus sung by a guy who shouldn't be hitting those notes, and the "On-My-Knees" backup vocals. It also reminds me of long car rides to my grandpa's restaurant in Eden Prairie in a big ol' Delta 88 with springs sticking out of the backseat.

The new Verve single "Love Is Noise" is also kick ass. Yes, I still ride or die for some Verve. Oh, and new Kings of Leon...smashing.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jesus Is Just Alright (For Kirk Cameron)

Last night I went and saw Pineapple Express at a theatre in Oakdale. This was far outside of my standard theatre triforce of Showplace in the Coon, AMC in the Maple, and Regal in the Southside of Chicago, er, Brooklyn Center. But, I digress. The theatre was one of the Carmike chain, which does something interesting with their previews. They throw low budget God person movie previews in with the normal ones.

This meant 20(yes, 20!) minutes in previews before I got to see Seth Rogen get ripped and blow shit up. But the religious previews were awesome. One was for a movie about the pets that got left behind after Katrina, the other one was for some uber patriotic movie about how sweet America is staring Mr. Belding, and the final one was for a God movie about loving your wife starring Jesus Cyborg Kirk Cameron. The best part was that they were spliced into the reel between actual Hollywood previews, so I got to see a glimpse of Vin Diesel as a killer with heart, followed by Mike Seaver making a candlelight dinner for his wife.

My question is this: who is the audience for these movies? I'm pretty sure the 20 somethings who wanted to see a stoner comedy are not going to see a film focusing on orphaned pets or how the Jesus can make your love life real. Someone at Carmike needs to hire a marketing guru to determine where to place their chruchie previews, maybe someone named Jake?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jake Eickholt Is (Probably) Going To Run On Dunkin

YES!!! Dunkin Donuts is trying to find a franchisee to fulfill my need for cheap coffee and Bavarian Cream donuts. 100 or so in the Twin Cities metro in the next few years. So, I beg of anyone with 4 mil in the bank, please go to and get me my fucking coffee!

And yes, I am sure my previous blog had something to do with the planned expansion. And yes, the fans on the Strib website are complaining and touting local bakeries. Fucking clowns. Although Jack's in Brooklyn Park is awesome, and the Shakopee Bakery is also pretty good (dudes bring donuts in from there on Donut Friday at work).

Next up: A bitch fest about the lack of 7 Elevens in MPLS. Then maybe I will get to indulge in Slurpees.