Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oh, I'm Still Alive

Got a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. I was pretty frigtened that I would die while I was under, but I was ok. The only scary part was when I heard that they wake you up and you really have no control over what you say. With my luck, of course, I got the only cute nurse ever. So I spent the whole pre-surgery trying to tell myself not to hit on the nurse when I was all looped up.

Well, I didn't. but I did make an ass of myself. Before the surgery, I had talked with said nurse about how lame Cities 97 was and how they only play Dido. Well, I guess that I sang Dido's "Thank You" to the nurse as she helped me down the hall. Also, I yelled, "I feel like I am high" a bunch too.

The good news is that I am not in that much pain right now (the Vicodin helps that). The bad news is that I haven't eaten any solid food for three days and I am downing pudding like a mo fo. I am so freaking hungry. I think that I am going to venture out soon and see "Constantine."

Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm Dying Tomorrow

Brandon and I went to Perk Dog tonight and I posed a strange query: is the bachelor party meant for the bachelor to cheat on his soon to be wife? I think it is. You always hear that it's the last night of freedom, yadda yadda yadda. So, does anyone know? Is it meant for the man to get his freak on with someone different one last time?

Oh, and I am getting a wisdom tooth yanked tomorrow. I will probably die due to the knock out gas. Jeff can have my Smiths CDs, and Christian my copy of "Good News For People Who Like Bad News" by Modest Mouse. The rest can go back to where they came from, Cheapo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chicken Payback

Download "Chicken Payback" by The Bees. This shit sounds like it should be on one of those old 60's dance shows like American Bandstand or Shindig. Why is it that all the good stuff these days seems to be on import?

You'll Kick The Bucket and I'll Swing My Legs

Go buy it, it will kick your ass in the most sexual of ways.

Fuck Shia LeBouef. This kid thinks hes so fucking cool. I saw him on Carson Daly tonight talking about how his dad rolled tons of joints for the Doobie Brothers and how he grew new strains of pot. He also said that Fiddy's lyrics fell off and that the Game sucks. Hes pumped about the new Joe Budden. Fucking amatuer. YOU STARTED ON A DISNEY PROGRAM!!! Whats the deal with these Disney kids coming out and acting hard? I guarantee that this kid will not have a career in five years. Watch.

Hooked up my dads turntable in my room so I could listen to some albums I bought. I listened to the Beach Boys "Surfs Up" album and it was the shit. So not Beach Boys and weird kidlike lyrics about protecting your feet and being trees. Also, listened to Adam and the Ants "Prince Charming" which may be the biggest piece of shit album ever. I bought it for the cover, although "Stand and Deliver" is a good song. Also dug through my moms albums and found a weird Pink Floyd album called "A Nice Pair." Turns out it is their first two albums in a gatefold set. I got uber pumped, as Peter Harold turned me on to "Piper at the Gates Of Dawn." Good stuff. Can't wait to wake up and blare "More Than A Feeling."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sooner Or Later, Love Is Gonna Get You

Not much new these days. I think that I have some sort of flu like bug because I keep feeling like shit at random times. Tests galore at school, so that has been keeping me busy, along with work. This mid-shift switch that I have started has its perks, because I get more night time, but my afternoons are shot. Opening two times a week is kinda fun as I am out before noon. I will stop this rambling, as most people don't really give two shakes bout my work sched.

I want to recommend two new CDs that I picked up this last week. "LCD Soundsystem" by LCD Soundsystem is a dance punk CD that kicks my ass and has plenty of cowbell. It rocks harder than a guitar duel between Mick Ronson and Slash. Also, "Funeral" by The Arcade Fire is fantastic, Talking Heads-esqe rock. Just beautiful poppy arthouse stuff. Go buy them. And, did you know, that the first Queens Of The Stone Age CD is out of print? What the hell? I should have bought it sooner.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby

I was listening to Bright Eyes today and for some reason, I thought about sex through the decades. Here is my decade by decade recap, starting in the twenties,

1920s- I would have had fun in this one. The flappers were all sluts, the booze flowed freely, and people sat on poles. There was definently some crazy stuff going on, because everyone was open with their lives.

1930s- Everyone was too poor to get it on

1940s- With the country focused on the war, the pinup girls were getting skimpier and skimpier. Then the soldiers, having had French Whores, came back and birthed our parents. Yes, good times. But then...

1950s- Everyone "petted," whatever the fuck that means. A young Billy Joel kept the faith. And for some reason, our country went about 100 years backward in the whole chastity department. The only cool things about this decade were the cars and music.

1960s- This decade fucked up our society more than any other ten year period. Kennedy got more ass than a toilet seat (and shared Marilyn with his brother!), then he died and everyone grew their hair and had indescriminate sex with whomever they could find. Although there was a lot of free love, it was gross due to beards and hairy armpits and no showers in the crash pads.

1970s- All the "cool" people had perms and did coke. The dudes had mad mad staches and the chicks didn't wear bras. Once again, lots of free sex, but it was bad due to the excess of coke and the moustaches. Oral Sex was also invented in this decade, sometime around the premier of "Deep Thoat" in 1972.

1980s- All I have to say was teased hair, and shoulder sweaters. And I have seen porn from this time. No trimming, and too much eyeshadow. I think had I been of age, I would have abstained. Also, the dorky dudes never got with the chearleaders, and the good girl always got knocked up and the father didn't do shit, if "Fast Times" and "The Last American Virgin" have taught me well. And, by God, they haven't failed me yet.

1990s- YES! The modern age. The Net brought Russian brides to us all. And trimming was invented in 1996! Unfortunately, the copies of OUI magazine that Nick Miller had were from the late 1980s. Yet, I still knew about the revolution. And our President got a blow job, except it wasn't secret like JFKs escapades. Thank you, Ken Starr, for letting me know that WJC is the freakiest bastard ever.

Today- Pretty much the same as above, but now celebs do it on camera. And its funny

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Will You Be My Valentine, When I'm A World Away?

89.3 The Current played the best love songs of all time tonight, and I drove around alone listening to them. Heard "New Slang" by The Shins and got pumped, heard "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds and started crying, and heard "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division and wanted to be Goth. I also heard some Lenoard Cohen finally and was intrigued, and I heard some Morphine song that rocked me hard called "A Good Woman Is Hard To Find." I was wondering where "Shake You Down" by Gregory Abbot and "I Don't Want To Fall In Love" by Jane Child were. I hope that they were burning in hell where they belong.

All the candy and the flowers seem so unnecessary and manufactured. I remember the first Valentines Day with Jody where I went the dozen roses/candy/mixtape route. I spent probably $120 dollars on the whole day and I was broke as a joke. I think if I had a woman today, I'd probably take her out to eat and then rent a movie or go for a drive, do something special. But instead, I bought the Arcade Fire CD and ate lunch with my lifemate Jeff. The CD and the lunch were both awesome, and thankfully I didn't have sex. It was a good day.

My Apology

I feel like a complete fucking ass for my actions on Friday night. I am not going to drink like that ever again, and I apologize to everyone from that night. The only good that could have come from that evening would be that I have prioritized my life. I cannot drink like that. I just can't. My friends can, but I am better off not having alcohol in my life to the point where I cannot remember what I did the night before. I hurt myself pretty badly and broke my phone, and worse, I passed out outside in a snowbank. I never want to experience that ever again. I could have died, for Christs sake, and that scares the shit out of me. Honestly, when I look back on what happened, I want to cry. I feel like the worst person ever for throwing up everywhere, and I am very lucky to have had Christian there to pull my drunken ass inside so I didn't spend the whole night outside. There is nothing wrong with drinking a bit, and I will not stop doing it. I just cannot go to the point of excess that I did Friday.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Holy shit, thems some young mothers. What a non fat face I have. This is from Jodys grad party three years ago. Posted by Hello

Me and my homies just chillin. Huy Looks Pimp Posted by Hello

Fuck R.Kelly. I'm the King of Chicago Posted by Hello

Arent you a dirty little whore, you sicken me with your sexy poses. Sicken and entice me. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Sad Sad State Of US Culture (aka Have You Seen My Childhood?)

I want my 1994-96 period back. I think that everything was better then. Is that the way it always is? I feel that those two years were so much more fun and less stressful than now. All we had to worry about was Clinton getting his oral on. What most people forget is the Republicans were in power then also. Newt Gingrich was the most powerful politician in America. That whole "Contract With America" was being signed at the State Fair. What is so different now? September 11th destroyed innocence, sure, but the Republicans are relying on a culture of fear to keep us in a sort of state of emotional suspension. The Republicans control radio, which plays nothing we will remember in five, let alone ten years. Then, we had songs that sucked but were still memorable. "Far Behind" by Candlebox, all those Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men and TLC songs. It's like pop radio is scared to play anything that actually qualifies as a ballad or as traditional pop music. I don't get it. Ursher should not dominate the pop charts the way he does. Same with 50 Cent. Hell, Tupac (revered as a god these days) had only three top ten singles in his lifetime. And in 1995, you were more likely to hear Bryan Adams than Tupac on KDWB. Its all part of our innocence being taken. Kids don't play outside anymore. There is no land to go explore and ride bikes on. Its all subdivided. Parents won't let these kids go outside because they might get hurt or molested or abducted. Our whole culture is fear based now, and it makes me want to scream. Our whole culture is this angry, fear based shithole which subverts anything with intellegence or wit with explosions and lyrics about being pimp. Not that I am innocent myself. It just would be nice to see my ten year old brother have the same kind of memories that I do and that my parents did. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening any time soon. The culture of fear will be killed eventually. Hopefully it won't be too late for the whole generation born between 1990 and now. They will be even more lost than us in X and Y, than the Hippies, than the Boomers.

Yo, Dabba Wabba Gubba School This Mo'nan

Skipped class today to eat Broadway with Quade. Then I felt sick and ended up buying twenty bucks worth of magazines. Listened to Bob Dylan (John Wesley Harding) and Primal Scream (Vanishing Point). Then, I somehow dragged my ass out of bed to go to work for the four most pointless hours of my life. Didn't do much business, and felt generally worthless as I was stuck in the corner at drive thru. A regular brought up an interesting point though. We are paid to socialize with the customers, which I generally hate. But the interesting thing is is that the customers really don't like to socialize with us. We have become a comodity instead of the coffee shop. I honestly think that the majority of our customers view us a worse than scum, judging by the looks and such. It is really sad. When I go into a place, I at least treat the cashier with some respect. I turn off my cell phone, I don't make rude eye movements when they take too much time with the change. I think that our society has become incredibly rude in the last ten years with just common courtsey things. Its weird.

I also found a shitload of VCR tapes of stuff I taped off TV in junior high and high school. The high point has to be a tape with a bunch of videos and Senifeld and KARE 11 News. The intro to KARE 11 is straight out of "Anchorman." The commercials are fantastic. There is one for Subway (I think they pulled it soon after) where a woman has sex with a hot chicken sub. I can't beleieve that it ever got to the air. There are previews for the Usual Suspects and other movies. And the Seinfeld is a clip show. I don't know if it will even make the DVD for the 5th or 6th season, as they generally don't rerun clip shows. Fantastic stuff.

And the title of this entry is from Jesse Camps 1998 single "See You Around." He mumbles some nonsense about school before the first verse. I have almost bought this CD numerous times because it looks so ass.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Yo, I Can't Even Watch The Super Bowl!

Pats win, but not by the 25 that I predicted. Sad. Still, a very good game. The Simpsons and American Dad were both pretty good because they both did a good job shitting on conservatives. The Simpsons had Flanders make "The Passion of Cain and Abel" and made it violent as hell. Then they had spinning headlines that said "Massachusetts Has Gay Marriage" and "Stem Cells Cure Alzheimers" thrown in randomly. And Tom Brady on a Segway saying "Everyone sucks but me." Good stuff.

I didn't say I had a crush on Miss Piggy, as reported by Brandon Quade. I was just wondering if anyone had a crush on her as a kid. Honest question, I think. I wonder if Quade will tell Piggy that I had a crush on her, too? Hopefully, as any publicity is good publicity.

One more farm shift to go. Kinda sad to leave, but the place just feels weird now with all the new kids and stuff. I look back on the good times fondly, but there seem to be less and less of those lately. Still will keep in touch with the true bleievers, though.

The dude who pissed on Santa and then ruined the ladies gate (as reported by FOX 9 after the Super Bowl) is my new hero. Anyone who puts cameras on their home deserves to be vandalized. And wouldn't it be funny if conservative Rupert Murdoch found out that FOX 9 was playing "Brass Monkey" on their broadcasts?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Takin Me Back To Find My Peace Of Mind

February, your name is spelled not like it sounds, kind of like Favre. I hate you.

Garth, I think that the above was a haiku.

School was fun today. I like German class quite a bit. I was also looking forward to a secret rendevous at the Purple Onion with Peter Harold Quist, but bastard didn't show. For shame. I had to drink an Irish Creme White Mocha and eat a hummus sammich all by my lonesome, with only my Ipod and the hipster hotties to comfort me. After all that I went and bought "Dog Man Star" by The (London) Suede and an awesome Bowie poster that is of the cover of "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars." I also almost bought The Secret Machines. They are this band from Dallas that is really good and crazy in a kind of prog rock way. I also heard "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" by Wilco on 89.3 on the way home and they played all 10 minutes of the song. This station is unbelievable! Its like all my friends CD collections on one station.

I was also thinking about my life tonight. Right now, I am the happiest that I have ever been at any point since, well, ever. I am content with not having a girlfriend. I have some spending money. I go out and have a good time every time that I go out, where as before I felt clumsy and clausterphobic in public sometimes. My life is like a sitcom, kind of. And I wasn't charged for my cookie OR my soda at Perkins on Friday night. Everytime I step outside, I feel at total peace with myself and my surroundings. It is such a relief. I can appreciate the little things now, like the beauty of the lights of Downtown every night when I get out of class, or the way a beautiful girl walks. So Zen.