Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Suicidal Tendencies (T.O.?)

I was scanning the headlines on the major sports websites in my Media Graphics class (I even slack on homework outside of home!) when I saw that Terrell Owens, the obnoxious Cowboys reciever, supposedly tried to kill himself with an overdose of painkillers. First, my jaw dropped. Then I reacted in about the same way I can imagine everyone else did...yep, another publicity stunt. This guy will sink to just about any level to get the letters T and O onto SportsCenter. Remember when T.O. did sittups in his driveway because he hated Andy Reid? Or when he said he'd rather play with the Ol' Gunslinger Brett Favre instead of his own QB? I do, because ESPN covered that crap like it was the Kennedy Assassination, the Challenger Explosion and 9/11 all rolled into one. For his sake, I hope it really was a failed attempt, so he can get the help he needs. But T.O. really doesn't fit the I-Hate-Myself-And-I-Want-To-Die stereotpye now, does he? All I know is that SportsCenter is going to suck for the next three days.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Computer Love, Digital Love

I beat Jeff at Tecmo Bowl 30-7. Rygar/Ninja 48-0 still stands as the best ass whuppin ever, but this victory is sweet. I cannot express in words how much Marks pirated XBOX is. There are thousands of NES, Genesis, SNES, Arcade, and Atari 2600 games on this thing. I get scared of it sometimes, unless Nate is by my side and we are beating X Men arcade together.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Young Liars

The new TV on the Radio is a freaking triumph. I cannot qutie put a name on it, but it has a quality that many new albums have been lacking. The songs all sort of flow into each other (not in a My Bloody Valentine wordless way). Its just kick ass, in a way that the 1985 Chicago Bears defense was kickass. The first four songs on the album have a similar vibe, but track 5, "Wolf Like Me" starts a whole new party. A straightforward song instead of a jam, it makes me want to take off my clothes and become one with the animals in the BWCA. "A Method" and "Dirty Whirlwind" are also superb. If there was any justice in popular music, this album would be a top ten smash. But no, we get Paris Hilton.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

When I Fall In Love With You It WIll Be Forever

I just spent the last three hours drinking Honey Weiss and watching the Office. As the buzz has not worn off quite just yet, I dont know how this will turn out. I have a huge crush on the Pam character on the show. But overall, the show is comedy gold. The only office work that I have ever done was working with my friends mom over one spring break filing shit. It was a pretty boring experience, except that Verne Gagne stored the old AWA ring in the filing room. So my highlight was looking at the apron where Roddy Piper took his first falls. But anyways, as I will probably leave the retail management game behind in a few months to work in an office, I realized that I would be incredibly bored. Much as many of you reading this are right now. The only thing that could save off that boredom would be a Pam at the front desk. Or a WWF ring in the basement. Perferrably one that Bob Backlund wrestled on.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I DON'T Love My, Ahem, Chick

Busta Rhymes is the Rod Stewart of Hip Hop, except way less talented and his fall was way worse. Heres where I'm going with this. Rod Stewart released some amazing shit in the late 60s and early 70s both solo and as lead singer of The Faces. I mean, the man was super talented. But then "Maggie May" went to number one and Rod realized that he could put out shitty lite pop singles and bank hardcore. Some of those pop singles were great (I enjoy "Youre In My Heart" and "Some Guys Have All The Luck", as corny as they are) but most were utter bullshit (like "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Tonights The Night"). Basically, Rod sold out in the worst possible way.

Busta, on the other hand, had the potential and didn't maximize it. His verse on "Scenario" by Tribe Called Quest is great, and he released a few catchy as hell singles. But since about '98 (when he came on the VMAs with Martha Stewart AND released the Flipmode Squad on an unsuspecting public) Busta has churned out unmemorable pop songs. Besides "I Love My Bitch" I cannot think of a Busta Rhymes song in the last five years. I remember he did one with Mariah, but I can't recall what the hell it was or even the hook.

The worst part is the history of music has tons of weird shit like this. Todd Rundgren started to put out crap after "Something/Anything". Elton John went bye bye from artistic credibility land in 1975, about the same time as Paul McCartney. I guess that theres no real point to this, other than Rod Stewart should never release another album again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Write This Down

I will publish Chicago Day Three eventually. I just moved into a house without internets and hopefully the shitheads at Comcast will be coming out Monday so maybe then...

The new Killers song is the truth. I bought the first Killers CD back the day it came out (and played it at the first Sexy Party!) but I kind of thought that they became a little over hyped. But then the new song came out, AND W. Axl Rose introed them at the VMA's. If Axl told me drinking goat urine was cool, I would think about trying it. Oh, and the new song sounds like prime era Bruce. And it has cowbell. And the dudes grew weird beards. All this adds up to a hit in my book.

The VMAs was totally whack otherwise. Those friggin shit dandies Panic! At the Fallout Boy Chemical Romance Soundtrack won vid of the year for that "hey look! We're more kitsch than Liza in a bowling shirt!" piece of crap. Come on dudes, blowing glitter on each other and whispering "yes" is soooooo six months ago.

Also, every one was rocking dookie chains. Jeff Hill and I came up with the idea of re-introducing dookie chains about three months ago. Now its back, along with bandanas around the face. First off to all the d-bag asses who think this is cool: Joe Strummer did this in '79. And Joe Strummer is way more cool even in death than Lil' John or Skateboard P will ever hope to be. Stick to designing bomb ass Ice Creams Pharell and leave the dookie chains to fat suburban dudes. Second off, J-Timbo is now rocking a tie as a bandana around his face. What the hell is this? And yes, I do dig "Sexyback" for some primal reason.

Oh, and to countercombat the shitiness of new music, I have been bumping the new Dylan, the new Roots, Hall and Oates, and George Strait. Yes, George Strait. Got a problem with that?