Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fruit Covered Nails, Electricity And Lust

Pretty action packed day. Balled with Quade and my bro Zach but got worked hardcore. Sat in the Wal-Mart pool for about an hour and I didn't get any sun once again.  Ate Korean food for the first time in my life. It was pretty tasty, not as greasy as Chinese food and it's always fun to eat different stuff like squid. Sir J.A. Hill, Quade and I were set for an evening at BWW but those ancient Champlinites filled the place, so they ate Broadway while my strawberry shake brought all the boys to the yard. Finished the evening off by hiding from Ash Bash in Quades basement watching ESPN. Then I came home and watched "The Big Lebowski" for the second time and found it to be enjoyable, but not quite the comic masterpiece that all claim. It was good, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the laugh out loud fest I expected.  More sort of "huh", cerebral type of humor that is also pretty fun. I also bought "Let It Bleed" by the Stones and enjoyed every song, even though I've heard them all multiple times due to KQ92. The cool part was that the case was the original one, they fucked up and gave me the gold backed remaster. The only problem is that the case track listing is different than the CD. Oh, boo hoo. Also bought Warrants greatest hits because it was $3 and I have been craving "Down Boys" for six months. There is something fantastic about 80s cock rock. It takes me to the shores of Bay Lake and swimming all day until the hot dogs were done. Sooooo tired, but now workie until noon. Sweet.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Without You, Woman, The World Comes Down On Me

The craziest weekend ever just concluded, and I am so shocked that I survived it all. The double bombshells dropped on Saturday were only added to by strange reports coming out of Northern Minnesota tonight.  Sweet damn, the words "Polaroid Camera" are now infamous, and J.A.H. will never be made fun of for Ash-Bash I by me ever again.  Pete said it best when he said that no story will ever match the biggest Farm Scandal ever again.
I saw "I, Robot" tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will Smith can be a fine action star when he wants to be. I even enjoyed the robot Sunny, I found him to be less gimmicks than Jar-Jar and not as killable as E.T. The only downside on the movie was that I saw it at Fucking Regal Cinemas.
Regal is the theatre from hell after 7 PM. Tonight, my movie experience was interrupted by some asshole talking to his life partner about letting the fucking dog out as the opening credits rolled, some woman taking her five year old to the bathroom interrupted the car chase, and a bunch of people talking to the screen at most scenes. God, I hate that fucking theatre. The concessions suck dick, the people are unhelpful, and as Jeff pointed out, its right on a major bussing route, so all the stoned assholes come there. Showplace is my ultimate theatre, but I only go there during the day. I heard at night its a bunch of Coon Rapids trash. Champlin is nice because no one goes there, but theres always the chance of seeing Ted Anderson and his gaggle of 15 year old bitches. The upside to Champlin is that the hotties from the class of 2003 go there. But I have to pick Showplace as my fave rave.
Not pumped for work tomorrow.  I hate/love morning shifts because I actually have a day ahead of me. Maybe Ill go see Napoleon Dynamite or Anchorman tomorrow night. And the big big game is Friday. Jeff and Quade, Team Eickholt will fuck you up.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Don't Say Nuttin

Went on a quasi blind date thing last night, and it was so-so. The girl wasn't feeling me very much, I'm assuming because I am 4 years her junior. Not a big deal though. I wasn't expecting love at first sight or anything. After the evening ended, I went with Quade and Sir Jeff to Perkins and saw two drunk 17-year olds hiding from the cops. One bitched about how she didn't have a boyfriend while the other one started peeing by a tree. It was pretty surreal. What is the deal with girls wanting you to say they are pretty? I am so sick of girls looking for you to tell them that they are pretty. My dad said that they did that shit back in the day also. I need a girl with some self-confidence and grace, not this, "I'm so ugly" bullshit. 
In other news, the new Roots CD is freaking great. It's quite soulful and political. I was scared because a few reviews said that the CD was jammy and didn't have any hooks, but that it not true at all. This is probably the Roots CD with the most hooks that I have heard. I also like that the last track is kinda like "B-Boy Bouillabaisse" from Pauls Boutique, meaning that there are like three songs thrown together over the course of 15 minutes. It's a hot CD. Oh, and I am not going to trust reviews for a while because of it.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

At Home Hes A Tourist

Enjoying my day off hardcore. Slept until 11:30, then I was all pumped to see where Kobe signed but realized that the west coast is two hours behind us so I have to wait until 2. Made a hot mix when I found out I can burn CDs off Real Player now. Gang of Four is hot hot new wave punk, I've been trying to buy their CD for almost a year but it's not in print in the US (along with Jesus and Mary Chains first album). I think that I'm going to ball up at 73rd with my brother and his boys seeing as how the rematch between the "twin towers" and us will never happen due to work schedules.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I've Been Around This Lonely Place Before

Sweet god damn, I am tired. Up til 6 last night. Went and shot some freaking pool with Kat from Starbucks and saw that Rollie fuckwad from high school mackin on some underage ass. God, he's still a triple chinned bitch. I think that he recognized me and wanted to talk but wouldn't say anything. Then I went to Perk Dog and saw Millas drama crew which consisted of "Wink-Wink" and Chenna. Laughed so damn hard thinkin about Geoff's Kenna remix and whatnot when I saw them. Really pissed off that my window fell in the doorframe of the Focus and I have to drive the green and red Convo vans, but it gives me an op to listen to the old skool mixes LuPac made in the nine-nine. I forgot how killer "Killer Crush" by Millencolin and "Don't Open 'Til Doomsday" by the new shitty Misfits were. Even old NOFX and AFI don't sound that bad when tied with the memories of playing Front Mission 3 in my bedroom or going to N-Town with Kyle Bobby and Mike Gale and Radam. Well, the Radam part isn't a good memory. BUY THE STOOGES FIRST TWO CD'S!!!! They are fucking brilliant and, in the words of Ryan Adams, "They make me want to smoke bones and dance crazy." Lets just say that it is so primal, so raw and real that it makes me want to bite into a rare steak and feel the blood pour down my gullet. Off to The Starbucks now, I guess.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Tell Your Children Not To Walk My Way

Thanks to Christian (A.K.A. Poopy C of the chickengrease fame) for turning me on to this funny ass shit.

Talk Show On Mute

Worked all fucking day. Came home and hid from the whole extended fam in my dungeon of a room watching "The Natural" not once but one and a half times. The only highlight was going to Cheapo and buying "A Crow Left of the Murder" by Incubus, "Look What the Cat Dragged In" by Poison, "Youth and Young Manhood" by Kings of Leon, "The Love Movement" by A Tribe Called Quest. And NOW 5. They were all $3, except Incubus and Kings of Leon. And I pitched in for my brothers b-day present, which was the Misfits box set. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered on Poison and NOW 5. I think the whole concept of NOW is fantastic. Horrible nonsensical popmuzik that is way too catchy for its own good that can be bought cheaply. I'd never pay full price, but I have loved NOW since I read about the English version in 9th grade. Anyways, my brothers chinchilla is showing us his junk in some sort of man love mating thing that he always does, so I'm going to go eat some more Dairy Queen cake if its not gone.

Somebody Told Me

Been feeling down these last few days, for the first time since around Christmas when Jody and I broke up. I don't know what it is, but I think I'm going in for some blood tests on Monday because something is not right with me. I have been getting really light headed lately and feeling lethargic at strange times. Oh well. I'm also getting a little jealous of all the little couples that I see walking around. Nick Miller, the sage temple of wisdom that he is, said that the only time people get like that is when they are not going any or when the couple is going overboard with the PDA. Its both for me lately, I think. My day in the sun will come sometime. Saw "King Arthur" today and found it kinda "eh". The fight scenes were cool, and the hotness factor was nice, but the acting was a little wooden and I wasn't a fan of the ending. Still, if you haven't seen it, go to a matinee for a fiver. It's entertaining. And I still haven't seen "Anchorman" or "Napoleon Dynamite". Need to really really bad but the crew has already gone. Hopefully can find someone to go with.

Friday, July 09, 2004

I Know What Love Is, Whats it to You?

Just got done watching "Pumping Iron" which is the funniest documentary of all time. Arnold Schwarzenegger says classic lines like "When I lift weights, its like I'm coming, I come at the gym and I come when I have sex at night," and "Babys drink milk. I drink beer." He also smokes a joint at a party wearing a homeade "Arnold Is Numero Uno" T-Shirt. The man is such an asshole to everyone, no wonder he got into politics. On that subject, I got pumped when Kerry picked Edwards for his running mate. I like Edwards policies on college tuition. One of them says that for 16 hours a week of volunteer time, your first two years at school are paid for. He was my choice in the primaries, and his appointment as running mate makes my vote for Kerry seem all the more logical. Looking forward to "Anchorman" tomorrow night.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Just A Lookin For A Kiss

Not too much going on lately. My boy Nick called and told me we need to see "King Arthur" because he wants to bone Kara Knightley. I am pumped as hell for "Anchorman" on Friday, but I may go see both because I too wouldn't mind that hot Brit looking all slutty and medieval. Finished "Please Kill Me" and wished it was about, oh, 2500 pages longer. The debauched tales of smack shooting and fist-fucking made me realize why I love punk music but would never want to live the lifestyle. Got so pumped, in fact, that I bought the first New York Dolls album today along with ordering the first Stooges and "Fun House". I always wanted to buy both, but the book pushed me over the edge. Oh, and I made my triumphant return to Pizza Luce with the Starbucks crew and dined on the decadent Baked Potato Pizza, which caused a joygasm. I also found out that they still make Arizona Tea in bottles, which was a fave of mine as a kid in the Mid-90s. Ran out to Super America and bought some Blueberry Green Tea and discussed low carb bullshit with the cashier for 5 minutes. Tomorrow will consist of more tea buying and listening to the new Mase jam, which is inescapable.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Eiffel Tower Rock

The last two days have probably been the best of my life. Valleyfair was freaking epic, with the non stop running from ride to ride. I conquered my horrid fear of the rollercoaster by riding Wild Thing right off the bat, and every ride after that was a lot simpler. Last night was the party to end all parties at my crib. Leslie, Cassia, and Ben Swanson show up out of the blue, and I was pumped as all hell. Drank way too much Captain Coke. Swam in the pool with Quade and Steele at 4AM while G-Fab and Hill had a long heart to heart on my patio. Hill also earned a new nickname in his long list of nicknames, Donkey Kong. And Dustin Michael Moore showed us how you can bring a bit of France to your homes right here in the United States with his funny ass Eiffel Tower demonstration. I hope I never see that tower ever again.

Friday, July 02, 2004

A Needle In The Camels Eye

This may be my last post ever, as I am going to Valleyfair in about an hour and fully expect to die on one of the rollercoasters of a massive embolism. Anyways, it will be an interesting way to go. All my friends and co-workers can say that they were there the day Fake Eyecold died on Wild Rails. Today was a wonderful last day, if it is to be the case. I BEAT QUADE!!! By two strokes none the less. I also had a wonderful green apple smoothie from Coffees Of The World, and Quade saw the hurt at the Mobile on Noble. Dece farm paycheck, no need to worry about the starlight admission price, and I'm coming home with a fucking UNC Tar Heels ball on one arm and a lady on the other. Hot Shit. Plus, I saw the Who's Johnny video with the Gutes cardboard cutout and the fake J5. Where the fuck were Los Locos?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Search And Destroy

I am really pumped about the Valleyfair trip on Friday Nite. I have always been afraid of riding the coasters because I feel like I will die of a heart attack or something, but I think that I will actually go through with it this time. The Red Garter Saloon is going to be hoppin.

Last night I spent the evening drinking Miller Lite in Paul Worwas garage with a certain Dustin Michael Moore, and classic stories were rehashed. Dustin pointed out that he only hangs out with one farmer at a time and weird shit happens. But when we gather in a group with him, there is no crazy. Weird. We also decided that Peter can play the "bass" in the elevator any time that he wants, and that you just accept his romantic advances.