Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh, Lovers Need Lawyers

I heard "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop, "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty, and "Life In One Day" by Howard Jones tonight on JACK 104. I believe Christian now. That station does play some hot shit late at night.

I closed for the first time tonight at work, and it went really smoothly. Got out two minutes early, even. Its weird having to delegate to people, though. I haven't been in charge since the days of Taco Bell. It is kind of fun I have to admit.

The weekend was crazy. Kicked it off Thursday by singing Karaoke at Old Chicago. Rocked the hell out of "Kiss" by Prince and got love from some guy at the bar. I prefaced it with "I bet you never seen a motherfucker who looked like me sing this." Nice. Then I sang "Banditos" by The Refreshments and "I Got You" by Split Endz. I also saw Jeff give a Timberland to a bum and nearly take a bite out of a street pepper.

Then I saw the Decemberists on Friday. I was the only non-theatre major there, but the show was fantastic. I never thought that a band with a chellist and a violinist could rock so hard. The opener was friggin shit, two dudes with acoustic guitars. Lame as hell.

Saturday was a good time. I enjoyed sitting on Nates porch and shooting the shit, having some sort of deep talk (I don't remember much) and smoking cigarettes for the first time in ages.

Thats all for now. I cannot believe the White Sox are about to go up 3-0. I fucking hate those assholes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cancer...My Name Is Larry

My I Pod is dead, and it has to be resurrected for the second time in eight months. Seven thousand songs, down the drain. Screw Best Buy, those assholes can't help anyone even though it is their job. Some dude who looked like he just crawled out of the primordial ooze looked at me three times and didn't offer to help once. The troglodyte also had shaggy blonde hair. Thankfully, an older gent helped me. And also, Steve Jobs is a prick. Your state of the art tech breaks down constantly. Anyone looking into a MP3 player should buy a Walkman or a Creative Zen. Screw Apple and it's dork ass granola lovin fanboys. Oooh, I am good for graphic design...and nothing else.

Good for KOOL 108 for playing their entire music library without repeats this week. I heard "Nothing From Nothing"(Billy Preston), "Float On" (The Floaters), and "Knock Three Times"(Tony Orlando) in a row. Can't wait to hear "Ride Like The Wind" and "Life Is A Rock(But The Radio Rolled Me)".

Friday, October 14, 2005

Up, Down, Turnaround, Please Don't Let Me Hit The Ground

I went and saw "Waiting" last night and found it to be hilarious. Most definently a movie that my nonexistent kids will enjoy watching on TBS in 20 years. Best part was when some douche in the audience felt the need to scream out at Andy Millanakus when he said "I am the walrus." Dude screamed "Thats a fucking Beatles line!! Fuck this, I'm fucking leaving. " I saw him in the lobby two minutes later being comforted by his girlfriend. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen at a theatre. And all this was at Arbor Lakes, because I am sick of the ghetto trash at Regal. Freaks be everywhere, I guess.

I am feeling the shit out of the "Danger Doom" CD. I have only heard a few MF Doom cuts before I purchased, and I have to be honest, I bought this one because of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cameos. But Doom is the shit, the cameos are not lame like I thought they might be, and Danger Mouse has some kick ass beats. I probably will have to go out and get that Doom album about food next. I also have been in somewhat of a mellow mood lately. I picked up "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young on vinyl about a week ago and I have been bumping that quite a bit. I love "Southern Man" and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." It's been a bit of a weird musical journey lately. I felt the overwhelming need (not want) to hear "Brilliant Disguise" by Springsteen on the way to school. So overwhelming, in fact, that I almost ran into CD Warehouse and bought it.

If you don't own the "Arrested Development" season two box set, you are shamed. This is the truth, and the best sitcom on TV. Random lines like," I, uh, went out to my shit hole trailer and smoked the weed like a cigarette" crack me up every time.

Oh, and one other thing. I finally friggin got promoted! I guess the DM was impressed with how I helped open the store that I am going to be a shift at Northtown in a couple of weeks. The extra bank is going to allow me to move out of the parents house and into a crap place with a few roomies. Its time for the baby bird to fly the coop. Actually, its probably been time for five years, but whatever.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Need Bullets, Hurry Up, RUN!!!

God, I hate pretentious know it all college students. We had a discussion in my Media Ethics class last hour on whether or not it was wrong for the Star Tribune to not publish the names Indians, Redskins, or Fighting Sioux. Most of the people in class agreed that it was OK because the team names were part of society and actual names. Some weird beard in the front woke me from my nap by saying that he was all super offended and that no one would stand for the Texas N******. Well, bitch offended me with that one. I then noticed that there was not a black person in the class. I bet the miniscule contents of my bank account that he would not have said that one if there was a black person in class. Fucking hippie. Little wool sweater and whatnot. I wanted to say, I actaully want a team named the Pittsburgh Krauts or the New Jersey Meatballs. I would be first in line to buy a jersey. I almost brought Nate Heck into this one. I'm pretty sure Nates got some Indian in this one, and that kid had at least two Indians hats by my count. So, to sum up, fuck sensitive intellectuals. I bet he said that just so he could get into some tree hugger chicks pants.

Oh, and Guided By Voices song "Game Of Pricks" is the shit...